TENA Proskin Comfort Extra Pads - Case Saver - 2 Packs of 40

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Disposable Body Contoured Incontinence Pads.
For Moderate to heavy incontinence
NEW! Now with ConfioAir textile feel breathable back sheet. Same absorbency and leakage security, but with extra comfort and skin dryness.
CASE SAVER containing 2 packs (80 pads) of TENA Comfort Extra, Body Contoured Incontinence Pads. Ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence (sudden need or loss of control).
Absorption level guide 7* (approx. 1200ml).
These incontinence pads are designed to be worn with special Stretch Support Pants to ensure a closer fit to the body. They're body shaped to give a close fit to ensure comfort and leakage security. When necessary these incontinence pads can be easily removed and should be hygienically disposed of.
Available in Normal, Plus, Extra, Super and Maxi absorbencies.
Available in Case Savers in Normal, Plus, Extra, Super and Maxi absorbencies.
Manufacturer Code - 753040
Absorption Colour Code - Yellow
ISO 11948-1 (Max) Absorption - 2000ml
Pad Size - 570mm (length) x 150/260mm (narrowest/widest width)
New ConfioAir design features several innovative features:
- New breathable back-sheet and breathable sides to maintain dryness for healthy skin.
- New textile feel material feels gentle and more comfortable on the skin.
- New wide hook tapes for easy fastening and multiple adjustments.
- Fast-acting, highly absorbent core securely protects against leakage.
- Dermatologically tested.
- Carbon footprint reduced by up to 5% reduction in usage of non-renewable energy resources.
A fitting guide can be downloaded here - Tena Comfort Fitting Guide.
For those who need assistance with changing, such as those who are bedridden, you may find Belted All in One pads such as TENA Flex the better option as it is easier to change if the wearer is lying down.

Tena Comfort Benefits

  • Odour Neutraliser to keep you protected for up to 12 hours.
  • Body shaped for comfort and leakage protection.
  • Feel Dry Layer to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.
  • Discreet and comfortable.
  • Wetness Indicator helps you identify when product needs changing.
  • 3 Absorption layers for fast absorption and greater capacity.
  • All round barrier elastics and Inner leg cuffs for extra anti-leak protection.
  • Single packs available in Normal, Plus, Extra, Super and Maxi absorbencies.
  • Case Savers available in Normal, Plus, Extra, Super and Maxi absorbencies.
  • Fitting guide available - Tena Comfort Fitting Guide.

Tena Comfort Sizes (Approx.)

Product Length Width (Narrowest/Widest point)
Normal 48cm 12/20cm
Plus 55cm 14/26cm
Extra 57cm 15/26cm
Super 59cm 16/30cm
Maxi 59cm 17/30cm

TENA Comfort Information Video

Brand Tena
Case Quantity 2
Units per Pack 40
EAN 7322540696202
Type of Incontinence urinary/faecal
Incontinence Level moderate
ISO Absorbency (ml) 2100
Absorption 4
Droplets (1 to 8) 4
Suitable for Womens, Mens
VAT Exempt Yes
Pad Size 64cm
Type disposable
Product Classification pad
Total units 80
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
Fitting Guide pdf 387.4 KB Download
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