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Incontinence Help Videos

To help you understand and manage incontinence effectively, we've created some videos which cover some of the basics.

Incontinence Types and Causes Overview

A brief overview of the main types of incontinence, their causes and what can be done to help manage them.

Types of Incontinence Products

A brief overview of the different types of incontinence products and their features and benefits.

How a Disposable Incontinence Product Works

A brief overview of how a disposable incontinence works and key features to look for.

How to apply Incontinence Pads

A short guide on how to apply incontinence pads properly.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

A basic overview of how to carry out pelvic floor excercises.

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Please note - Only a professional trained in these symptoms can truly diagnose and treat your condition. A GP will often refer you to a specialized Continence Advisor for assessment to ensure you receive the right help and treatment to improve your symptoms.