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Attends incontinence products are designed to suit a wide range of individual requirements, and Attends are constantly adapting their leading edge absorbent technologies to benefit users and carers. Within this range of disposable Attends products, there are incontinence products designed for Moderate and Severe, Urinary and/or faecal incontinence. For the highest absorbencies try the Attends Slip All In Ones.
  • Attends Pull-ons

    Attends Pull-ons

    Attends Pull Ons are designed anatomically to fit close to the body enabling a secure fit. They feature a breathable back sheet for added comfort which gives them the feeling of normal underwear. They are highly absorbent, easily removed and flexible...
  • Attends Contours

    Attends Contours

    Attends Contour Large Shaped Pads are suitable for those with moderate to heavy incontinence. They feature a breathable textile backing along with leakage barriers and dual core technology. The wetness indicator ensures the product is changed at the ...
  • Attends Faecal Pads

    Attends Faecal Pads

    The Attends Faecal pad is a new product especially designed for cost effective protection and containment of faecal incontinence. The pad is available in one size and is designed to manage only faecal incontinence with improved leakage protection and...
  • Attends for Men

    Attends for Men

    Attends for Men offer a discreet and comfortable solution for those requiring a higher absorbency level Male Incontinence Pad. They are worn inside close fitting underwear for a secure fit.
  • Attends Soft

    Attends Soft

    Attends Soft Pads are significantly smaller than traditional incontinence products. They are also easier to fit, more discreet and more comfortable. Attends Soft 7 offer the most innovation as the pads are 56% smaller than traditional incontinence pr...
  • Attends Insert Pads

    Attends Insert Pads

    Attends Coldex Insert pads are designed to within disposable incontinence pants to increase absorbancy, thus reduce the need to change the pad so frequently.

  • Attends Slip

    Attends Slip

    Attends Slip Incontinence products are designed for maximum security against leakage for heavier incontinence sufferers and/or users with lower levels of mobility. The range has been designed to meet the needs of individuals and offer absorption leve...