Attends Flex 10 Small | Pack of 22

The Attends Flex 10 Small are all-in-one belted pads, specially designed to effectively manage heavy bladder and faecal incontinence.
Advantages of the pads include increased comfort and maintained healthy skin through the addition of a breathable textile back sheet, so you don't have to worry about the pad harming your skin during use. Your skin is also able to breath and will not become irritated.
The product includes a flexible fixation system, a system which allows the belt to be fitted comfortably around the waist before fitting the pad. This ensures you will have maximum comfort and an accurate fit whilst wearing the pad.
The pads include the addition of a wetness indicator, which turns blue to indicate when the product needs changing.
Attends Flex 10 Small are a perfect solution for those who are looking to manage heavy incontinence with a product that is both comfortable and secure.
    • 3100-3850mls
    • Pack of 22
    • 60-85cm
    • All-in-one belted pads

    • Anatomically shaped core
    • Wetness indicator
    • Flexible fixation system

  • Breathable textile back sheet
Brand Attends
Units per Pack 22
Type of Incontinence urinary/faecal
Incontinence Level moderate/heavy
ISO Absorbency (ml) 2500-2899
Absorption 5
Droplets (1 to 8) 6
Suitable for Womens, Mens
VAT Exempt Yes
Size Small
Hip Size 60-85cm / 24-33in
Belted Yes
Type disposable
Product Classification slip
Total units 22
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Attends Flex Fitting Guide Attends Flex Fitting Guide pdf 1.1 MB Download
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