Which Incontinence Pad is Best?

Which Incontinence Pad is Best?

  • On April 29, 2015

Which Incontinence Pad is Best

No matter whether your continence issue is a temporary or ongoing problem, finding the best incontinence pad for your needs is important to ensure comfort, security and dignity. Yet with some many different types of incontinence pad available it’s difficult to know where to start.

For those with light conditions (occasional leaks or dribbles) then small (often referred to as Light Shaped) pads that fit into the user’s own underwear are available for both women and men. As with all disposable pads these have the benefit of odour control.

For those with a moderate or heavier condition then there is a variety of different options.

Normal Shaped Incontinence Pads are very cost effective, these are larger shaped pads designed to be held in place against the body using mesh fixation pants. These products can move around over time though, especially at night increasing the risk of leaks and can be awkward to remove and then replace when toileting.

All in One incontinence pads use tapes (generally two per side, high and low) to hold the pad securely in place. This means that the pad is very well located and unlikely to move, thus reducing risks of leaks. However they nature of the product mean that they are best applied with the wearer lying down and applied by a second person such as a carer. This means they aren’t ideal for those who toilet normally and are more suited to less mobile people. This type of product is sometimes referred to as an adult diaper.

Belted All in One Incontinence Pads resolve this problem as the pad has a belt attached to the back of it which fits around the waist of the wearer, and the front of the pad fits onto the belt using a Velcro style fastening. This product has the advantage that regular toilet use if far easier as the pad doesn’t need to be removed fully, and also the product is easier to put on, and this can be done by the wearer if needed.

Recommended Pads


Shop TENA Lady

  • Designed for women with lighter incontinence
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Discreet
  • Close fit

Attends Contours

Shop Attends Contours

  • Body shaped pads
  • For moderate to heavy incontinence
  • Body Close Fit

Attends Flex

Shop Attends Flex

  • Ideal for heavy urinary and faecal incontinence
  • Belted Anatomically shaped core
  • Breathable textile back sheet


Buy TENA Slip

  • For heavier incontinence
  • Perfect for those with limited mobility
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Discreet


For those who are fully mobile then disposable pull up incontinence pants offer an alternative to incontinence pads and are often a better solution as these can be pulled up and down just like normal underwear but whilst offering the security of a built in pad. For quick and easy removal they have side tears. As they are like normal underwear the product can be put on by the wearer quickly and easily. For those who only experience occasional leaks or dribbles then washable incontinence pants are another solution. These are like normal washable underwear but with an absorbent cotton pad built in to them.

Once you have determined the type of product suitable for your needs it’s important to check you have the right size for a close, comfortable fit and the right level of absorbance for your needs. This might mean using a different level of absorption during the day compared to night time.

You might also find that different products are most suitable for your needs depending on the time of day and the planned activities for that day, it’s important to select the correct product for your needs and not just the most absorbent incontinence pad.

If you are unsure which type of incontinence product is best for you, it might be worth trying a few different types to see which suits you best.