Protect your investment!

Protect your investment!

  • On June 19, 2007

We receive a large number of orders for absorbent bed pads, both washable and disposable but these alone are not sufficient to protect your mattress against incontinence despite their high absorbency levels.

At night, it is quite common for someone in deep sleep to empty their bladder completely. This means that although the bed pad will be able to absorb a large quantity of urine it will still take some time for this quantity of liquid to wick (or spread) throughout the pad. This means that the individual will still become wet, and risk disturbed sleep.

If an individual experiences night time incontinence then we always recommend using an absorbent disposable pad or pant as well. If the individual is mobile then we would recommend a disposable pull-up incontinence pant as these enable the wearer to visit the bathroom normally if they do wake up without the inconvenience of re-inserting a pad which can be time consuming in the middle of the night. If the individual is less mobile then we would recommend to use an all-in-one incontinence pad as these are easier for a carer to put on and remove.

For night time use, it is wise to use the most absorbent pad possible to reduce the risk of leakage.

Given the expense of mattresses it is always a good idea to use a protective mattress cover of some kind. We offer both low cost PVC covers and also breathable Allergon covers which are made from a cotton terry upper with a polyurethane membrane, these not only protect against incontinence but also against dust-mites making them ideal for people who suffer from allergies. For people experiencing particularly heavy incontinence problems then we also offer total enclosure mattress covers which give complete protection for all sides of the mattress.

Finally given the expense of bedding it is always worthwhile considering duvet protectors and pillow protectors. These fit underneath the normal covers and give a waterproof, breathable protective layer to protect the duvet or pillow underneath.


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