Hygienic Disposal of Incontinence Pads: Our Guide

Hygienic Disposal of Incontinence Pads: Our Guide

  • On June 12, 2019

In addition to managing incontinence symptoms, discretion and hygiene can also be a huge worry. One process that shouldn’t cause worry when done correctly is the disposal of incontinence pads.

Here are some tips that will ensure you dispose your pad correctly and hygienically!


Never Dispose without a Bag


Flushing pads down the toilet can cause a blockage. Pads contain super absorbent gel and can easily swell up in the toilet, so always use a bin. It is important to not throw away pads in public bins without using a bag. Strong disposal bags such as Polythene Tie Handles bags are a good choice, as they will not break and are reliable. They are also easy to carry. Avoid weak supermarket bags, as these can come open and easily tear.

Pop Ins Disposal Bags are also ideal for hygienic disposal, as they are designed to mask odour and provide a pleasant scent. These bags are ideal if you are disposing your pad when travelling, as you won’t have to worry about any unwanted odours.

Use Cleansing Products


If you can find a bathroom, using cleansing products when changing and disposing pads can make you feel much fresher. Scented products are particularly useful for odour worries. If you are travelling, incontinence wipes are available in convenient sized packs and shouldn’t take up too much room. Wet wipes are ideal when away from home, as they are quick and do not require use alongside foam or cream. You can also shop for dry wipes and a cleansing cream such as iD Care Cleansing Milk. This product can be used without soap and water, which is a perfect solution if you do not have time for a bath or shower. Cleansing foams and creams gently cleanse without the need for water or drying.

Recommended Cleansing Products

Conti Continence Care Wipes

  • Moist wipes ideal for continence care
  • Effective and absorbent
  • Soft and strong
  • Durable and gentle


Buy Conti Continence Care Wipes

iD Care Wet Wipes

  • Moisturising Wet Wipes
  • Moisturised with Lightly scented Milky Lotion
  • Keeps the skin soft and refreshed


Buy iD Care Wet Wipes

TENA Wet Wipes

  • Unperfumed Wet Wipes
  • Cleans, restores and protects
  • Alcohol-free, non-stinging formulation


Buy TENA Wet Wipes

Invest in a Disposal System for your House


It will be worth it! Investing in a disposal system will ensure your home is odour free and will ensure you are not constantly emptying your bin. This means no more worrying about guests detecting unwanted odour in home. Disposal bins wrap each pad individually in a fragranced anti-bacterial film. They effectively seal away smells and bacteria.

Watch our video below for a guide to using the Sangenic Easiseal Nappy Disposal System:


Additional tips for Disposal:


  • Don’t flush products in the toilet. No matter how small the pad, it has the ability to block a toilet. Pads contain super absorbent gel, which can swell up in a toilet.
  • Always bring spare products when travelling. If you are going on a long journey, ensure you bring a spare product along. This will help put your mind at ease and allow you to relax without worrying about an accident.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to change. Ensure you wear clothes that aren’t too much hassle to undo. If you can, avoid complicated belts or a dungaree style product.

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Urinary Incontinence Products

TENA Comfort Mini

TENA Comfort Mini

Buy TENA Comfort Mini 

  • Discreet pads for lighter incontinence
  • Soft on the skin
  • Subtle and reliable

£3.10 to £4.99

Attends Contours

Attends Contours

Buy Attends Contours 

  • Body Shaped for Discretion
  • Ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence
  • Body Close Fit

£6.05 to £10.99

Lights by TENA Liners

Buy Lights by TENA Liners

  • Discreet Shaped Incontinence Pads
    For Very Light Incontinence
  • Body shaped for close fit
  • “Fast Dry Core” absorbs liquid quickly into centre core to keep you feeling dry


Faecal Incontinence Products

TENA Flex Maxi

TENA Flex Maxi

Buy TENA Flex Maxi

  • Belt fixation
  • “Superfit” waistband
  • ComfiStretch Elastics

From £13.65


Attends Flex

Buy Attends Flex

  • Flexible fixation system
  • Breathable back sheet
  • Triple Effect System

From £13.05

TENA Comfort Maxi

TENA Comfort Maxi

Buy TENA Comfort Maxi

  • Confioair Textile Feel Breathable Back Sheet
  • For heavy incontinence
  • Discreet and comfortable



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