Celebrity Stress Incontinence

Celebrity Stress Incontinence

  • On June 14, 2007

This week’s revelation that TV celebrity Kerry Katona experienced “leaks” during her recent pregnancy highlighted a condition that affects a large number of pregnant women – Stress Incontinence.

Although not widely talked about, stress incontinence is very common during pregnancy, especially during the latter stages, as the weight of the growing uterus puts increased pressure on the pelvic floor muscles so that a sharp increase in pressure, from lifting, exercising or even laughing can cause a few drops to leak out.

There are 3 things you can do that can minimise the effects of stress incontinence during pregnancy:

1. Keep up your Pelvic Floor Exercises, these are very important as they help retain muscle strength during pregnancy, and also after the birth as well. This will reduce the likelihood of experiencing incontinence later in life as well.

2. Don’t let your bladder get too full, this will increase the pressure on the bladder.

3. If you are worried about incidents there are a large number of highly absorbent, discreet pads and pants available which will keep you dry and protected throughout the day or night such as Tena Pants Discreet.

For more details on Pelvic Floor Exercises and how to manage stress incontinence visit the Managing Your Incontinence section of our website.


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