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Women's Pants And Pads Samples

Not sure what product is right for you? Our Women's Pants and Pads Samples range allows you to find the best incontinence product to suit your needs.

The samples include products from popular brands such as TENA, ensuring we provide you with the most reliable protection.

The products in this range are suitable for those with light to heavy incontinence, ensuring people with all incontinence severity levels can find an ideal product. The shaped pads in this range are anatomically shaped for a woman's body, fitting closely and accurately. We recommend wearing the shaped pads in this range alongside women's mesh support pants for maximum security.

The pull up pants and all in ones in the range can be worn in replacement of normal underwear and are designed for managing heavier incontinence.

We recommend wearing these pants and pads alongside products in our skin care range to maintain healthy skin and prevent infection.

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