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Washable Products

At Allanda you will discover a large range of washable incontinence pants for men, women and children, the majority of which are made from 100% cotton. All at low prices and available in stock for next day delivery! These are typically popular amongst those suffering from light to medium urinary incontinence, offering a selection of discreet items for managing all levels of the condition.

Our washable incontinence products are all sourced from reliable manufacturers and specifically designed to offer prolonged protection and comfort. Our extensive range features all sorts of high quality incontinence products, including, but not limited to:

  • washable incontinence pants with built in pads
  • pouch pants
  • waterproof pants
  • bariatric products
  • mesh support pants

 So you can choose the product type that best suits your personal condition.

Furthermore, we also offer a series of incontinence accessories, such as disposable incontinence pads that can be used as insert pads for washable pouch pants, or Incostress, the revolutionary alternative to incontinence pants.

Urinary incontinence is a complex condition which affects millions of people daily and here, at Allanda, we aim to provide the best products that will help people experiencing this condition to successfully manage it and lead a confident, happy life. If you’re not sure what type of incontinence products is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team on 0800 999 5565 for assistance.

To view our full range of Washable Incontinence Products, simply browse the sub-categories available below.

  • Ladies (Built in Pad)

    Ladies (Built in Pad)

    At Allanda we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of washable incontinence products at affordable prices for men, women and children. Below you can brows...

  • Men's (Built in Pad)

    Men's (Built in Pad)

    We offer a large range of washable incontinence pants suitable for men's use for urinary incontinence, which is part of our extensive range of washable incon...

  • High Absorbency (Built in Pad)

    High Absorbency (Built in Pad)

    Our most absorbent washable products for urinary incontinence. A unisex range of incontinence pants similar to normal underwear but incorporating a larger built in pad for capturing leaks

    Our higher absorbency underwear with built in pads...

  • Pouch Pants

    Pouch Pants

    Allanda constantly strives to provide you with a wide variety of incontinence products to help you effectively manage your sensitive condition. Our range of briefs for both men and women are just like normal underwear but instead incorporate an in...

  • Waterproof Pants

    Waterproof Pants

    Our Waterproof Pants range consists of both traditional plastic waterproof incontinence pants and Cotton Protective Pants with an inner plastic liner, both give extra protection against day or night time urine leakage.

  • Bariatric Products

    Bariatric Products

    Browse Allanda’s range of washable incontinence pants, designed to be a more comfortable fit for those with bariatric and larger waist sizes. We aim to provide everyone with comfortable incontinence products that can help you manage your conditi...

  • Children's Pants

    Children's Pants

    Here at Allanda, we are dedicated to helping people of all ages deal with incontinence and manage their condition, so they can lead happy and confident lives. Below, we offer an extensive range of incontinence briefs specifically designed for urin...

  • Incostress


    If you’re looking for an alternative solution to effectively manage and control your urinary incontinence, then our IncoStress range may be ideal for you. IncoStress offers a revolutionary alternative to incontinence pads , aiding strengthening ...

  • Ladies Washable Pouch Pants (To be used in conjunction with Disposable Pads)

    Ladies Washable Pouch Pants (To be used in conjunction with Disposable Pads)

    Discover our range of women’s briefs, designed to resemble normal underwear whilst incorporating an inside pouch specifically to hold disposable incontinence pads. Our range of ladies’ briefs are the ideal long-term solution for effectively ma...

  • Insert Pads (for Pouch Pants)

    Insert Pads (for Pouch Pants)

    Explore our large range of disposable incontinence pads. These multi-use pads can be used as either inserts in washable pouch pants or as low-cost disposable pads placed within normal underwear. These insert pads are ideal for use with minor to me...

  • Mesh Support Pants (Fix)

    Mesh Support Pants (Fix)

    If you’re looking for a supportive and comfortable fixation pants then then browse Allanda’s mesh pant range. Designed specifically for wearing with ...