Mens Urine Pads

Mens urine pads are a discreet option for incontinence management. Anatomically shaped specially for men, they provide a close fit.

These products are suitable for light to heavy levels of incontinence. The larger pads are for heavier incontinence, whereas the smaller pads are ideal for lighter incontinence.

Mens urine pads can be worn inside your normal underwear.

Men’s incontinence pads are disposable and are easy to put on and remove. Unlike pants, you do not have to do a full product change.

When necessary, the pads can be removed and should be hygienically disposed of.

These pads feature an adhesive strip for secure fixation.

Our men’s incontinence pads also provide odour control technology, which prevents unwanted odours and helps you feel confident during use.

This range of pads features the most popular brands such as TENA, iD and Depend.

For extra support, we recommend using these pads alongside mesh fixation pants.

If you have severe incontinence, we recommend using belted incontinence pads or incontinence slips.

You can shop our full range of men’s incontinence products here.

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