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Incontinence Products For Men

Allanda has a wide range of incontinence products for men covering all your needs; incontinence pants, incontinence pads, incontinence bed pads and shaped incontinence pads. Our wide range of incontinence products for men, enable you to regain your confidence at prices you can afford.

One of the most commonly diagnosed forms of incontinence in men is urinary incontinence, which can be caused by a wide array of complications, such as the bladder failing to empty fully (overflow incontinence), or the bladder squeezing at inappropriate or unwanted times, particularly during sudden movements such as laughing, or sneezing (stress incontinence). In more extreme cases men can be affected by total Incontinence, where the bladder and sphincter are no longer able to block the flow of urine, leading to consistent, mild leakage.

Male incontinence typically affects older individuals, though even young men can suffer from the condition. Fortunately incontinence needn’t be treated as a fact of life and aging, and many products have been developed to assist management of male incontinence, allowing individuals to maintain their dignity, confidence, and essential hygiene whether caring for themselves or others.

For lighter male incontinence it’s common to use washable products. These typically resemble regular boxers, briefs and underwear and can be easily incorporated into an existing wardrobe. This allows men suffering from light to medium urinary incontinence to manage their condition with minimal impact on their lifestyle and schedule.

Disposable products appeal to those with all levels of incontinence, from medium and heavy urinary incontinence to full faecal incontinence. These are often provided as pads or pants, depending on the level of protection required, and the mobility of the wearer. These are available as bulk purchases, usually to last over a month, and are ideal for those with more severe conditions, or those caring for another individual.

Male incontinence can be an embarrassing and frustrating condition, but the right preparation and support can lessen the impact, helping you live your life with confidence. Browse our selection below, or try out one of our sample packs, if you’re uncertain which products are best for managing your condition.

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