Incontinence Pants for Ladies

Our incontinence pants for ladies feature high levels of absorbency and are a discreet option for leakage security.

The pants are suitable for different levels of incontinence, ranging from light to heavy.

This range consists of disposable pull up pants and washable women’s underwear. The pull up pants feature a built-in pad for maximum protection.

We recommend using the washable incontinence underwear for lighter incontinence, and the pull up pants for heavier incontinence.

These pants are ideal for more active users, as they allow freedom of movement and control.

Incontinence pants are also suitable for night time use, as they will not move around or become loose during the night.

Our range of incontinence pants for ladies features popular brands such as TENA, Depend and Lille.

These pants feature special odour control technology, protecting you against any unwanted odour during use.

We recommend using these incontinence pants alongside our skin care and barrier creams. This prevents infections such as incontinence associated dermatitis and ensures your skin stays healthy.

If you have severe incontinence, you can shop our range of incontinence slips and belted incontinence pads.

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