Incontinence Mattress Protectors

Part of our Incontinence Bed Sheets range, our selection of incontinence mattress covers features a wide range of additional bed protection for mattresses. These products provide you with that extra bit of incontinence alongside protective pads.

These incontinence mattress protectors are useful for use alongside disposable bed pads or washable bed pads. These products provide an additional level of protection for your mattress, so you can sleep without having to worry about any impact of your incontinence condition or that of the person you are caring for.

Our incontinence mattress protectors range features models available in different sizes, including single, double, king and super king. You can also choose between economical plain plastic covers and luxurious quilted ones.

Our incontinence mattress protectors range features popular brands Brolly Sheets and Allergen, so you can rest knowing you have the most reliable products. These protectors have also been dermatologically tested and will not damage or irritate the skin during use.

Starting at only £6.99, these mattress protectors are ideal for those on a budget or those who are buying in bulk.

We recommend that you use bed protection products alongside our skin care and barrier creams range to prevent infection.

Browse our full incontinence bedding range for more options of incontinence bed protection.

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