Incontinence Knickers for Children

Incontinence knickers for children are a discreet product option. Many children prefer these, as they are discreet and feel just like normal underwear.

The pants are small and can not be detected underneath clothing.

The knickers are ideal for those with lighter incontinence or those who have the occasional leaks. They can be worn instead of normal underwear.

Our incontinence knickers are designed for both boys and girls. We have knickers with both feminine patterns such as hearts and masculine patterns such as starships. This ensures your child feels comfortable a design suited for them.

The knickers have an inner waterproof liner for reliable protection. Incorporating a built-in pad, the pants capture any leaks throughout the day.

Our products are available for various age ranges, from 2-3 years of age to 11-12 years. They are also available in different colours and styles, so they can be incorporated easily into your child’s wardrobe. The sizes are generous yet provide a close fit, ensuring maximum performance.

You should use incontinence knickers for children alongside effective skincare products. Shop our incontinence skincare section to prevent incontinence associated dermatitis.

For heavy to severe child incontinence, shop our children’s disposable incontinence products section.

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