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Bariatric Products

All in One (Slip) Incontinence Pads suitable for Bariatric or Larger patients. These incontinence pads are specially designed for maximum comfort and fit to prevent leakage on larger waist sizes.

Incontinence is a condition that affects millions of men and women of different ages in the UK. At Allanda we are dedicated to providing reliable incontinence products that can help you manage your condition daily, so you can lead a normal and confident life. As part of our extensive range of high quality incontinence products, we also offer disposable incontinence products, including a selection of Bariatric products, available below.

Sourced only from trusted manufacturers such as Tena or Prevail, these disposable bariatric incontinence products are perfect for larger waist sizes and they offer increased maximum and security against leakage.

We have bariatric incontinence products that are suitable for different types of incontinence, from moderate to heavy or continuous incontinence, with their absorption levels ranging between 6 and 8.

If you are not too sure what is the best product for you, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 999 556 and we are happy to help you choose the most suitable products for your personal needs. If you are interested in other types of incontinence products, simply browse our website to view our entire range.

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  1. Bariatric Brief Prevail All in One XXL

    Prevail Bariatric All in One Pad XXLarge | Pack of 10

    Bariatric All in One Incontinence Pad
    XXL Size (Waist up to 100"/254cm).
    For heavy or continuous incontinence.
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    Absorption level guide: 8/8

    Ordering Ref: PV094

  2. Abena XXL Incontinence Pants Pack

    Abena Abri-Flex XXL | Pack of 12

    Pull up Incontinence Pants
    XXL (Hip size 68" - 80"/173-203cm).
    For Moderate Incontinence
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    Absorption level guide: 6/8

    Ordering Ref: DPP08-3XL

  3. TENA Slip Stretch - XXL Incontinence Pad

    TENA Slip Stretch - XXL CASE SAVER (2 x Pack of 32)

    All in One Bodyworn Incontinence Pad.
    XXL (Hip size 64"-70"/163-178cm).
    For heavy or continuous incontinence
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    Absorption level guide: 7/8

    Ordering Ref: Case-DAM06-XXL

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