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Lille provide a wide range of disposable and washable products to help you manage incontinence at great value prices. The Lille range contains Pants, Pads, Slip and Flex products, all made from Latex free, Hypoallergenic materials.
  • Lille Pants

    Lille Pants

    Ideal product for those who prefer the ease of use and security of garment with built in pad, combined with simplicity and convenience of disposable incontinence pads. Wear just like normal underwear.

  • Lille All in One Incontinence Pads

    Lille All in One Incontinence Pads

    Lille All in One incontinence pads designed for maximum security against leakage for heavier incontinence conditions and/or users with lower levels of mobility. Adhesive tapes at sides hold the Incontinence pad in position.

  • Lille Flex

    Lille Flex

    Lille Flex Incontinence Pads - Designed for maximum security against leakage for heavier conditions and/or users with lower levels of mobility. Added benefit of enabling normal toilet use without full product removal.

  • Lille Shaped Pads

    Lille Shaped Pads

    A range of Lille Incontinence Pads for moderate or heavier incontinence. These Lille Incontinence pads are designed to be worn with mesh support pants or close fitting underwear.

  • Lille Men

    Lille Men

    Lille Incontinence Pads designed specifically for light to moderate male incontinence. These Incontinence Pads are specially designed to be worn within user's own underwear to provide close body fit for comfort and security.

  • Lille Bed

    Lille Bed

    Lille Bed - convenient disposable absorbent bed pads, for use either as direct bed, furniture or wheelchair protection or additional protection when other body worn incontinence products are used.

  • Lille Fix

    Lille Fix

    Lille Fix stretch mesh fixation pants designed specifically for wearing with Shaped Incontinence Pads to hold the Incontinence pad correctly for the optimum fit for leakage security and comfort.

  • Insert Pads

    Insert Pads

    Disposable incontinence pads that can be used as insert pads within washable pouch pants or as low cost disposable pad in normal underwear.

  • Lille Suprem Fit

    Lille Suprem Fit

    The breathable all-in-one briefs Suprem Fit are an effective solution for moderate to heavy incontinence among non-active people. They are also particularly suitable for faecal incontinence or bedridden people.