What are Incontinence Fixation Pants?

What are Incontinence Fixation Pants?

  • On April 3, 2018

It can sometimes be a struggle to keep your incontinence pads in place, however trying a bulky product is the last thing you want to do. Incontinence fixation pants are a discreet way to keep incontinence pads securely in place.

Fixation pants are now a popular choice for incontinent buyers. You may have heard of these pants being referred to as net or mesh pants. Fixation pants are made of soft, elasticated material that will keep your pad secured to your body for extra protection. The pants are designed to ensure you can maintain an active lifestyle and are dermatologically tested to prevent skin chafing. Fixation pants are figure hugging, making them effective at holding shaped disposable pads securely in place. In comparison to ordinary pants, fixation pants feature a wider crotch area and extra elasticity, supporting the pad in the best possible way. The design of the pants allows you to carry on with your daily life without the worry of your pad moving out of place. Some specialist fixation pants even feature a space for you to insert an incontinence pad, giving you greater protection.

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What are the Key Benefits of Wearing Fixation Pants?


  • Look and feel like normal underwear
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Holds the pad tight to the body
  • Prevent skin irritation
  • The majority of pants feature odour control technology
  • Allow freedom of movement
  • Provide discretion
  • Waistband ensures an accurate fit


How are they worn?

You should wear incontinence fixation pants alongside shaped pads. They can be worn alone to support pads or worn alongside your regular underwear to offer more support to your incontinence pad.

Who are Fixation Pants ideal for?

If you find your pads move around a lot or require a product with a closer fit, fixation pants may be ideal for you. Fixation pants can be worn both by men and women. Some brands offer specialised pants for both sexes that offer protection where you need it. As fixation pants are slightly harder to put on than pads and all in ones, they are more suitable for users who are fairly mobile and are not wheelchair bound.


What are some popular brands of Fixation Pants?

Tena Fix

Tena provides products and solutions for individuals and healthcare services in over 90 countries. The Tena Fix Pants were designed by the brand to provide secure and discreet fixation to maximise protection. The pants ensure a close body fit to the body for high security against leakage. These pants feature colour coding on the waistband for easy identification. These pants are also seamless to minimise pressure points and are designed from 96% polyester and 4% elastane. Tena Fix Pants are latex free to ensure they will not cause irritation to the skin during use.

You can shop the Tena Fix Pants here.



Tena Fix Pants


Attends Stretch Pants

Attends are another popular world class manufacturing company. The Attends Stretch Pants feature a single seam to ensure the pad is accurately and fitted as closely as possible. These pants have colour coded waistbands to make it a lot easier to identify the size of your pants. These pants are designed to be worn with the Attends shaped pads.

You can purchase Attends Stretch Pants here.


Attends Stretch Pants


Tips for Choosing Incontinence Fixation Pants

The most important consideration when it comes to fixation pants is the size. Fixation pants are designed to provide a close fit and keep your pad in place. Size is therefore crucial in determining how effective the pants will be. Having an accurate fit will help you to feel confident and fully protected. To find your correct size of pants, you should measure your hips and waist and select the larger of the two measurements to choose your size. You should also consider gender when choosing pants. Some fixation pants are gender specific, so you shouldn’t ignore the name of the product before purchasing them. If you require a very close fit, having a gender-specific product can be helpful.

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