The Best Incontinence Pads for Exercise

The Best Incontinence Pads for Exercise

  • On February 6, 2019
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Studies have shown that up to 20% of women have reported quitting their physical activities due to incontinence.


Leaking during exercise is a symptom of stress incontinence, which is leakage that occurs when pressure is placed on the bladder. As well as exercise, activities such as lifting heavy objects and coughing can also cause symptoms. However, you shouldn’t have to stop exercising just because you have incontinence. In fact, exercising and keeping a healthy weight is actually proven to improve symptoms of incontinence. In a recent small  study, overweight incontinent individuals enrolled in a low-calorie diet reduction program. Those who achieved a weight loss of 5% or greater had at least a 50% decrease in urinary incontinence frequency.


Are you a man with stress incontinence? Read our guide to male stress incontinence.


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Choosing Your Exercise Pads


Many people find choosing an incontinence product daunting. Reasons for this include fear of embarrassment, uncertainty and having to wear an unsubtle product. However, looking for the right style and features can help you turn your exercise into a confident and relaxed activity.


Follow our key tips to ensure you choose the best incontinence pads for exercise:



Avoid Bulk


Remember, incontinence products no longer have to be big and bulky! The market is very versatile with products, offering pads that provide both discretion and comfort. Try and choose a pad that is small in size if possible. If you can avoid using all in one pads, opt for a lighter option. There is nothing more uncomfortable during running than wearing a product you feel exposed in.


Look for a Close Fit Design


Shaped pads often provide a closer fit, as they are specially designed to fit a man or woman’s shape. Their comfortable shape means they provide maximum security whilst also allowing your skin to breathe.


Choose Highly Breathable Material


The breathability of pads is stated on the product packaging. Neglecting skin health can cause a range of problems, such as incontinence associated dermatitis and other infections. Shop our selection of skin care products to ensure your skin stays healthy. You can also shop our hypoallergenic incontinence pads range for pads specially designed for sensitive skin.


incontinence skin cream


Do you have particularly sensitive skin? Read our guide to choosing incontinence pads for sensitive skin.


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Look For a Higher Absorbency


If you wear pads on a daily basis, it is wise to choose a pad that is more absorbent than your usual product for running and strenuous exercise. This doesn’t mean a complete switch of product style, you could just choose a more absorbent version of your pad. For example, if you use a “normal” absorbency pad, use an “extra” or “extra plus” absorbency for exercising.

The Best Incontinence Pads for Exercise

Attends Contours

Buy Attends Contours

  • Body shaped for comfort and discretion
  • For moderate incontinence
  • Curly fibre acquisition layer

Range from £6.05 to £12.99

TENA Comfort Mini

Buy TENA Comfort Mini

  • Discreet pads for lighter incontinence
  • Soft on the skin
  • Subtle and reliable

Range from £3.10 to £4.99

iD Expert Form

Buy iD Expert Form

  • Shaped pads for moderate to heavy incontinence
  • Specially designed for mobile users
  • Close, comfortable fit

Range from £4.45-£8.99

TENA Lady Discreet

Buy TENA Lady Discreet

  • Women’s shaped pads for light incontinence
  • Similar size to a sanitary towel
  • Highly discreet pads

     Range from £2.39- £2.95

iD for Men

Buy iD for Men

  • Discreet Male Specific Design
  • Close Body Fit
  • Maximum Comfort and Security
Range from £2.42- £4.21

Lights by TENA

Buy Lights by TENA

  • Designed for women with light incontinence
  • Incredibly thin and discreet
  • Anatomically shaped

Range from £1.99-£2.35

Surprising Fact: 1 in 5 women aged over the age of 40 have experienced stress incontinence!



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To ensure you stay comfortable during exercise, try these tips recommended by professionals:


  • Do daily pelvic floor exercises. You may have heard about these a lot for a reason..they really do work by strengthening the muscles! You can read how to do pelvic floor exercises here. 
  • Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine is a well known bladder irritant, and can cause a lot of leakage during exercise.
  • Urinate before going on that run. Visiting the toilet before a run can ensure you are comfortable and lessen your chances of leaking during exercise.
  • Go steady with the water. It is important to stay hydrated, as dehydration concentrates your urine and irritates your bladder lining. However, you do need to go easy on the water before running. Instead of gulping water down, try taking frequent sips.

Our Top Tip: Wear Shaped Pads with Mesh Pants!

Wearing shaped pads with stretch mesh pants can ensure the pad will not move at all during exercise and will keep it close to the body.


Shop our Range of Mesh Stretch Pants to find a supportive product.

mesh stretch pants incontinence


Our Top Pick: Lille Ganmill Fix

lille ganmill fix

These pants combine optimum comfort, anti-leakage security and discretion. They are also 100 breathable and are kind to skin, so you don’t have to worry about any irritation or discomfort! We recommend using these alongside Lille Suprem Form Shaped Pads.


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