Program Helps Women Develop Skills to Manage Incontinence

Program Helps Women Develop Skills to Manage Incontinence

  • On February 16, 2009
  • bladder control, Bladder Weakness, Incontinence

Incontinence and bladder control problems are often issues women are too embarrassed to talk about, even with their doctors.

To help break the embarrassment barrier Physical Therapist Linda Yates from the US has developed a program to help women develop skills to manage and resolve incontinence. The program will encourage women to break down the barriers and help women request treatment to stop women from suffering in silence. The program will teach women skills to help them manage and in some cases resolve it completely.

The program also addresses other health issues, like osteoporosis, women who have shoulder tightness following a mastectomy and help women that are experiencing pelvic or back pain during or following pregnancy.

“The best part of this program is very private, which is good” stated Linda Yates.


Incontinence is a serious issue. When my mother first stated to have incontinence issues, having that talk with her was a tricky issues. Finally we got her to try some incontinence diapers. She did not like them at first but eventually grew used to them.
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