Pelvic Exercises Alleviate Stress Incontinence

Pelvic Exercises Alleviate Stress Incontinence

  • On July 10, 2008

Pelvic exercises can be the answer to some kinds of womens incontinence, many women have experienced benefits from this exercises. Pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle in the human body, so it can get bigger and stronger if exercised. Around 25% of stress incontinence is cured by pelvic exercises.

Before jumping to conclusions it’s advisable to see a doctor and let him or her give a more precise diagnosis of your incontinence problem.

Specialists can help patients see how well they are doing with their pelvic exercises by inserting an electrode into the patient’s vagina before squeezing the muscle, the electrode has a micro-camera so patients will see their muscle activity on a TV screen. This helps the patient understand how tight they need to squeeze in order to prevent stress incontinence.

There are two types of pelvic exercises, both proven to increase strength of the pelvic floor muscles. One is called ‘slow pull ups’ and the other is called ‘fast pull ups’, both are very simple, you can choose whether to be standing, sitting or lying, for the slow pull ups you need to tighten and pull the pelvic muscle as hard as they can, hold it for at least five seconds and repeat it five times. For the fast pull ups stay on the same position and pull the muscle quickly and tightly and relax immediately, also repeat it five times.

As any other exercise they need to be done regularly, most Doctors recommend doing them at least 10 times a day for greater results against incontinence. For more help and advise in managing your incontinence please contact us at Allanda


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