The Benefits of Waterproof Plastic Pants

The Benefits of Waterproof Plastic Pants

  • On October 30, 2018

Sometimes, an incontinence pad is not enough. If you have heavy incontinence, you can sometimes feel self-conscious and worried about excessive leaks. Waterproof pants provide the extra protection you need to feel confident.

Our Guide to Waterproof Plastic Pants


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The Key Benefits of Plastic Waterproof Pants


They can Even Protect Bedding and Clothing

Rather than just protecting the incontinence product beneath, plastic pants can also protect your bedding and clothing against any leaks. The plastic material provides a reliable barrier between any leaks and your clothes.


They are often made from rustle-free PVC

Waterproof Pants are made from a rustle free PVC, making them discreet and comfortable. You don’t need to worry about them making noise or being detectable.


They Provide Extra Protection during the day and night

Plastic pants can provide extra protection against both day and night time leakage. This allows you to feel confident and protected whenever needed.


They Are Washable

Plastic pants are washable products, saving you money and serving as a durable option. This saves you from buying numerous disposable all in ones or pads.

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You can Choose a Design Suitable for your Lifestyle

Some products are thicker than others and offer more coverage if needed. Some pants offer wide leg cuts for those people who may need help dressing or removing their incontinent pants. You can also choose a pant in either a short brief design or with longer legs.


They Feature an Elasticated Waist

You might feel that the name “plastic waterproof pants” sounds like something rigid and uncomfortable. However, the addition of an elasticated waist means you have freedom of movement and are not uncomfortable.

Plastic Incontinence Pants


Who are They Ideal For?

Plastic pants can be used for protection for both urinary and faecal incontinence. For some people however, they can be harder to put on than pads. For people with poor mobility, it might be more ideal to use a more absorbent all in one.


How to Wear Them                         

You can wear plastic waterproof pants over your regular underwear with a pad, an all in one or pull up pant.

Plastic Pants Recommendations

Kylie Kanga Plastic Pants

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  • £11.49
  • Non-crinkle
  • Softened polymer
  • Discreet and comfortable

Priva Vinyl Waterproof Pants

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  • £6.99
  • Non-binding elastic legs
  • Spill block technology
  • Generously sized

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