New Baloon Treatment That Can Cure Stress Incontinence

New Baloon Treatment That Can Cure Stress Incontinence

  • On August 12, 2008

In as little as 10 minutes, two balloons implanted into the bladder may be a new solution for stress incontinence.

Research shows 7 out of 10 women with stress incontinence were helped by this therapy.

After 6 months, nearly 70% of the women implanted with the devices, were dry with no leakages.

Stress incontinence occurs as a result of weakened pelvic floor muscles. Most common causes include childbearing, which puts pressure on these muscles and the menopause.

This new incontinence treatment focuses on boosting the urethra sphincter muscles that control the flow of urine.

When these muscles are weak and receive extra pressure it can cause urine to leak out.

The new technique, called adjustable-continence therapy, reinforces these muscles with two balloons, made from a synthetic material, to prevent unwanted leakage.

The balloons are implanted, while deflated, under local anaesthetic. During the short procedure, they are surgically placed under the skin next to the bladder.

Each of the devices has tubing that allows them to be filled with liquid once in place.

The balloons effectively push the bladder neck up and make it smaller, so that the muscles have less work to do keeping it closed.

The device can last for up to 10 years, but can be removed easily if the treatment is not successful.

Research has shown that the double balloon treatment can be very effective.


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