IncoStress Inventor Inspired By Mother’s Condition

IncoStress Inventor Inspired By Mother’s Condition

  • On August 27, 2008

The inventor of IncoStress that helps women with stress incontinence was inspired by Mother’s experience of the condition.

Gaynor Morgan invented the IncoStress device after her Mother’s confidence and quality of life was shattered by stress incontinence.

Ms Morgan had noticed her mother’s confidence gradually deteriorate.

‘My mum was always a very young, active woman – she was only 18 years older than me but when I came back to visit, she was a changed woman. She had become very withdrawn and one day when we went shopping she had a panic attack and had to go home. It was the last time she would go out shopping in Swansea.’

‘She eventually told me that every time she coughed or sneezed she would leak.’

Ms Kendall, who died five years ago aged 58, had surgery known as a tension vaginal tape operation to resolve the problem.

Although initially it was successful, a year later the stress incontinence came back and her confidence deteriorated and was eventually prescribed antidepressants.

When Ms Kendall’s GP told her that nothing could be done, her daughter decided to research stress incontinence products.

Ms Morgan said: ‘we tried various things but with no success. My mother said she had noticed that she didn’t suffer these leaks when using a tampon and so I said we would have to make something.’

IncoStress is a latex-free device which is inserted into the vagina and supports the urethra in its natural position. The device also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, after six months Ms Kendall’s stress incontinence had disappeared.

Ms Morgan said: ‘IncoStress gives women total freedom and choice about what they want to do with their bodies.’

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