Incontinence Pads for Men: What are the Different Options?

Incontinence Pads for Men: What are the Different Options?

  • On August 1, 2018

Incontinence pads are a discreet and handy option, allowing you to manage incontinence with dignity.

Manufacturers are constantly refining the style and design of body-worn absorbent products. Comfort, dryness and discretion are the main aim of containment management and therefore your choice of pad depends on the degree and type of incontinence. So what are your options when it comes to choosing an incontinence pad?


Pads are designed in a wide range of styles suitable for light through to very heavy incontinence. They are held in place by close-fitting underwear or stretch mesh briefs. They may have longitudinal, elasticated gathers of hydrophobic material intended to impede lateral leakage of urine and faeces. Pads feature an adhesive strip on the back to help secure them. Remember, your ideal product depends on your individual circumstances the and severity of leakages. Colleen Morrison asserts, “comfort, dryness and discretion will be the main aim of containment management. The main factors to be considered in the selection of incontinence pads will include the client’s degree and type of incontinence”.

You can choose from the following different types of pads:


All In One Pads

All in ones are secured in place with adhesive strips at the side, ensuring they are easy to put on if you are less mobile. Like shaped pads, they too are colour coded to indicate absorbency levels. They also often include elastic leg gathers to secure the fit, anti-leak cuffs to prevent faecal leakage or a reinforced super-absorbent core. They are often used by individuals who are immobile or bed bound. They are designed to provide you with the protection for moderate to heavy incontinence of both urinal and faecal incontinence. Many people use all in ones at night time to ensure they have the best protection and a quality night’s sleep. All in ones are particularly ideal for individuals with heavy to severe incontinence. Belted all in ones are also available in the market, which provide the benefit of enabling normal toilet use without full product removal.

Although the primary function of an all in one is to absorb and contain urine without leakage, the design can often be bulky, uncomfortable or unacceptable to the individual. For those with an active lifestyle who are looking for the most discreet product, an all in one may not be the best choice of product.


How They are Worn: All in one pads are not worn with pants and have to be fitted for size. Correct fitting is essential for these products, as they can be ineffective when they are fitted too loose. The pads are best applied when the user is lying down, and it is recommended that a person, such as a carer, applies them.


If you think all in ones are a good option for you, you can purchase these here.



Popular Choice Product:


iD Expert Slip Normal

iD Expert Slip provide security for moderate to heavy incontinence. They are perfect for users with low mobility and feature adhesive tapes at the sides for maximum security.


Shaped Pads

Shaped pads are anatomically shaped pads that provide a close, comfortable fit. Small shaped pads are especially ideal for light incontinence. They can easily be put on and removed, making them ideal for those who find it difficult to do a full diaper change. Shaped pads are soft and gentle on the skin, providing optimum comfort.


Small Shaped Pads

Small shaped pads are designed to provide a close, comfortable fit. They are ideal for managing lighter leaks, providing confidence for individuals with stress incontinence.



How They are Worn: Small shaped pads can be inserted into the pants and can be removed once they are used.


Popular Choice Product:


Tena Comfort Mini Plus

Tena Comfort Mini Plus are highly discreet and comfortable pads, designed for managing light to moderate incontinence. They can be easily removed and feature a self-adhesive strip.



Large Shaped Pads                                   

In contrast to small pads, large shaped pads are more suitable for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. Large pads feature a “high loft” material, offering higher absorbency.


How They are Worn: You should wear large shaped pads with close fitting underwear or stretch pants.


Popular Choice Product:                                        


Tena Comfort Normal

Tena Comfort Normal feature a ConfioAir textile breathable back sheet. They are ideal for moderate incontinence and are designed to be worn with special stretch pants to ensure a closer fit to the body.


Insert Pads                                             

Insert pads are rectangular in shape and provide an ideal product for protection against very light/ light incontinence.


Popular Choice Product:


iD Expert Rectangular

iD Expert Rectangular offers a cost effective solution to manage light to moderate incontinence and is suitable for independent people.





Booster Pads


Booster pads are a designed to increase product absorbency when it is needed. This is a cost-effective alternative to replacing a more expensive product.


Attends Coldex Rectangular Pads

Attends Coldex pads are rectangular pads designed for providing additional absorbency on managing faecal smearing. They feature a nonwoven back sheet to allow urine to pass through into the core of the primary pad.




Are you a man suffering from stress incontinence? Read our guide for tips and advice on managing male stress incontinence.


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