Concerns over use of mesh treatments for incontinence

Concerns over use of mesh treatments for incontinence

  • On April 8, 2012

Teresa Hughes, from St Helens has launched a campaign against a medical mesh product which she said left her in unbearable pain.

Mrs. Hughes, aged 60, claimed her health has rapidly deteriorated since an operation to cure her incontinence carried out by surgeons using medical mesh, a product about which women across the country have raised their concerns.

Mrs Hughes, who has presented a petition to the Government, said it was now causing excruciating pain and discomfort. She said: “We are calling on the Government to set up a register of people who used these products. It makes no sense that drugs have to pass many years of tests, but devices like these mesh products have very minimal testing.”

Christian Beadell, of Goodmans solicitors, in Liverpool, said he had been contacted by women affected by the mesh. But he said it was difficult to take legal action because there was no conclusive proof it was dangerous. “It is a complicated issue and we are not entirely sure where it will go. It is a similar case to the PIP breast implants, in that we have no proof the product causes problems.”

Doctors have conflicting views,  some refuse to use it because they think it is dangerous due to concerns that the product erodes and can then travel around the body and cause infection. Whilst others have no such concerns.

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