Choosing the Best Incontinence Bed Pads: Our Guide

Choosing the Best Incontinence Bed Pads: Our Guide

  • On May 1, 2019
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For many people, urinary and bowel incontinence can lead to sleep complaint resulting from psychological factors. Incontinence bed pads have been designed to ensure your bed stays dry, keeping you comfortable and able to have a good night’s sleep.

Incontinence bed pads instantly absorb liquid throughout the night, giving you complete peace of mind. Some bed pads feature tuck in flaps to position the pad securely. Alternatively, there are bed pads available without flaps for users wanting to protect only one side of the bed.

With the incontinence market growing, there are a lot of bed pad designs available. Due to the different designs, they can be used both on top or underneath the mattress cover, depending on your preference. The range features different absorbency levels, depending on the needs of the user. Bed pads are also available in washable and disposable designs.


Washable Bed Pads


Washable bed pads have a lot of economic and environmental benefits, seeing them become increasingly popular. They can also be washed multiple times, making them more economical long term. You don’t have to keep constantly buying products with washable bed pads, meaning you can relax knowing you always have a product option. They are also completely waterproof. Additionally, washable bed pads are also less prone to moving during the night, meaning many people find them much more effective. Washable bed pads also often have higher absorbency.

However, the downside is that washing reusable bed pads after each use can become demanding. Many people with washable bed pads find washing the pads constantly to be a draining job. Washable pads can also be indiscreet if you hang the pads up to dry on a washing line or radiator.


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Disposable Bed Pads


As disposable pads can be thrown away after each use, they are also often considered more hygienic. They also mean minimal clean up, as they can be conveniently disposed. Disposable bed pads feature a soft top layer, for maximum comfort. These pads are also easier to travel with, if a washing machine is not available. Disposable bed pads also feature 100% waterproof backing, making them highly reliable and effective.

However, these pads can be expensive, as you have to buy them frequently. It may also be hard to dispose a disposable bed pad discreetly if you are around other people. Washable bed pads may be a better option if you go through a large amount of disposable bed pads.


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Important Features of the Best Bed Pads

Here are some features to look for when finding the perfect bed pad:


  • Soft material. You will be sleeping on the bed pad at the end of the day, so it is important to ensure the pad is comfortable. Soft, high quality pads wick water away from your skin so you remain comfortable and dry after the pad has been used.


  • Fast absorption speed. This is particularly important to consider if you have sudden, heavy incontinence. Generally, high quality bed pads absorb quickly.


  • No leakage outside the pad. A good bed pad should retain urine even when you move or put pressure on the pad.


  • The lower layer should grip your bed sheet. It is common to move whilst being asleep, and a good bed pad should not move around too much during use. It should grip the sheet so it stays flat and is highly effective.


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Popular Incontinence Bed Pads

Abena Abri-Soft Classic

  • Non-Crinkle Sounding
  • Maximum Discretion
  • Sealed Edges
  • Non-woven Polyethylene
  • 1300ml to 2100ml
  • Disposable

£7.56 to £12.02

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Kylie Washable Bed Pads

  • Popular Brand
  • Single and Double
  • Available in blue and pink
  • Washable
  • Available with wings
  • 3000ml to 4000ml

£20.95 to £39.99

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iD Expert Protect Super

  • Disposable
  • Polyethylene Back Sheet
  • Non-woven top sheet
  • High protection level
  • Odour technology
  • 750ml to 1550ml

£4.95 to £7.50

Buy iD Expert Protect Super

Brolly Sheets Washable Bed Pads

  • PVC/Vinyl Free
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High quality finishing
  • Available in white, blue, green and pink
  • 100% Cotton Top
  • 2000ml


Buy Brolly Sheets Washable

£17.95 to £27.95

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