Carers Reveal Shocking Details of Incontinence Care in Elderly Homes

Carers Reveal Shocking Details of Incontinence Care in Elderly Homes

  • On August 13, 2008

Two care assistants from N. Ireland have shared with the BBC, their bad experience with the standard of incontinence care in old people’s homes.

They claim that elderly people are left in soiled incontinence pads and infections are spread easily by poor hygiene and shortages of basic equipment.

Both ladies said some staff they have worked with ignored the need to change used incontinence pads.

The first carer said: ‘I have gone into a home where residents have sat in the same pad and diarrhoea perhaps has been spilling out over the top of that incontinence pad and it has been very obvious to me that no-one has thought to changing that person’s incontinent pad so he or she could have sat there for seven, eight or nine hours…. they’re bound to have sores on their bottoms and I have noticed this as well.’

The other care worker told the BBC of an experiment she carried out: ‘I was in a nursing home and I was putting the man to bed and his pad was very, very wet and I thought that pad hasn’t been changed in a long time, so, the pad I put on him in the morning, I put an X on it.’

‘When I was putting him to bed the next night that pad was the same pad I’d put on in the morning.’

Both care assistants said poor hygiene is commonplace, sometimes due to a lack of cleaning but just as often due to a shortage of supplies.

Both women said infections like MRSA and C. difficile were also common in these homes.


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