Carers are Still in Need of Financial Help

Carers are Still in Need of Financial Help

  • On August 29, 2008

MP’s have told the BBC that the government must give more money to help Britain’s millions of unpaid carers.

Carers say the current £50.55 a week allowance is “insultingly low”. But ministers say they are working to give carers more “balance”.
The Commons work and pensions committee have said more state help was of “critical importance” and the current system was “outdated”.

The MPs said they were disappointed the government had not addressed financial help for carers directly in its Carers Strategy, and that the group was a long-term priority only from 2011.

The committee’s chairman, told the BBC: ‘The average, if there is such a thing, carer is aged between 35 and 55. That’s normally a prime earning period for people, so they lose out in terms of employment opportunity, earnings, future pensions.’

Anne McGuire, minister for disabled people, said she welcomed the report as a “valuable contribution to the debate” and said the government was working with employers to help carers get a better balance between their work and caring responsibilities.

Ms McGuire added that the government had already provided extra resources to allow carers to take short breaks.


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