Should You Choose All In One Incontinence Pads or Pull Ups?

Should You Choose All In One Incontinence Pads or Pull Ups?

  • On August 22, 2018
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Pull up pants and all in ones are often recommended for individuals with heavy to severe incontinence. So, how do you know which is suitable for you?

By choosing the correct style for you, you can manage incontinence effectively and feel more confident. Managing incontinence successfully with products is often referred to as contained incontinence, managed incontinence or social continence. It is important for your well-being to make an accurate judgement. As the International Continence Society asserts, “concealing incontinence allows individuals to protect their public identity and avoid the stigma associated with incontinence”. The design you choose depends on your lifestyle, mobility and comfort preferences. Here is a brief summary of each design to highlight the differences:


Pull Up Pants

Pull up pants are designed just like normal underwear, providing discretion and comfort. Incontinence pants combine simplicity with the convenience of disposable incontinence pads. Pull up pants tend to be much more discreet and comfortable to wear. The pants are elasticated at the waist and legs to provide greater protection. Designed from soft, multi-layered fabrics, they absorb moisture and odours for all day comfort. Pants can be handled just like normal underwear, encouraging independence whilst managing heavy incontinence.



Read more about the benefits of wearing pull up incontinence pants.


A Pull Up Pant Design


All in Ones

All in ones are designed to be fastened to your body just like incontinence pants, replacing ordinary underwear. They provide you with the protection of a bad with the security of a pant. They can often be adjusted to suit your comfort and ensure they are secure. You can purchase two different types of all in ones: All in One Slips and Belted All in Ones. Slips are designed with adhesive tapes, whereas belted products are designed in a nappy style with a belted fixation system.


All in One Slip Design


Belted All in One Design


When Should You Choose Pull Up Pants?


You are Fully Mobile                     

It is important to consider your mobility when choosing a product. Pull up pants are slightly harder to take off, as they require a full product change. They are generally designed for someone who has full mobility. All in ones allow to rip off the sides rather than do a full product change. They are therefore suitable for those who are immobile and who have a carer to change their products. Incontinence pants are ideal for active people who prefer the ease of use and security of a pull up pant product.



You Want a Product Similar to Normal Underwear

Discreetness is more of a priority for some people than others. Pull up pants can be handled just like normal underwear, encouraging independence whilst managing heavy leakages. As they can be put on and removed like normal pants, they should not be a shock to your system. Throughout the day you may even forget you are wearing incontinence protection. If you are taking care of someone with a disability or disease that affects the brain, such as Dementia, all in ones can often be distracting for them. It is common for people to mess with all in ones and try to remove them, whereas pull up pants seem just like normal underwear.


You Lead an Active Lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle, pull up pants are much more beneficial. Not only are they less bulky, they are elasticated and allow freedom of movement and comfort during exercise. With an elasticated waist and legs, they give you further protection when you are moving around.


When Should You Choose All in Ones?


You Would Struggle to Remove a Pull Up Product

All in ones feature Velcro straps that ensure easy and quick removal. All in ones only require you to unfasten the straps, rather than do a full product change. Pull up pants can often be difficult to remove due to the material and the need to remove the product completely.



You need a Product for Overnight Use

All in ones are often suitable for overnight use. As you are lying down for a long period of time, it is important to find a product more absorbent than your daytime one. If a carer is required to apply the product, it can be important to establish their willingness and ability to use it.



You have No Bladder or Bowel Control

Generally, smaller and more discreet products such as small pads should be tried first for light to moderate incontinence. However, a complete lack of bowel and bladder control requires a super absorbent product. Overall, all in ones are the most absorbent type of products. All in ones such as iD Expert Slip Maxi, for example, have an absorbency of up to 3700ml and can manage complete loss of bowel and bowel control.


                            You can purchase iD Slip Maxi here                             


You can shop our full range of all in ones and pull up pants to find a product that is suitable for you.


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