A Guide to Choosing Nighttime Incontinence Products

A Guide to Choosing Nighttime Incontinence Products

  • On August 10, 2018
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It is vital for your health and wellbeing to get a good night’s sleep. It is healing, restorative and importance for our general functioning.

Incontinence affects up to 3 million people across the UK, so it is evident that a large number of people have their sleep affected by leakages. The product you are in can highly determine your comfort. It is likely that you will have to use different products for nighttime and daytime incontinence.

 Do you suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis? Read our advice blog for tips on treating and managing nighttime incontinence.



Tips for Choosing a Product


Find a more Absorbent Product than your Daytime Product

When you go to bed, you sleep for a long period of time without a product change. Even if you have a light level of incontinence and use a pad in the day, a much more absorbent product may be necessary for nighttime. You can think about how often you change products and compare it to how many hours you sleep on average. If you change your product every 6 hours in the day but sleep 8 hours, it is likely you will need a different product type. Some products can be worn together to provide better protection and absorbencies.

Ensure Maximum Support and Security

Many people underestimate the importance of finding a good fit. However, when wearing a product overnight it is crucial to find a perfect fit. If a product is too loose or doesn’t fit accurately, you are at risk of accidents and leaks overnight. The key to waking up with dry bed sheets is therefore finding that perfect product! If your product is drier than the bed sheets, it does not provide a snug enough fit. There are currently more sizes and fits than there has ever been, with the incontinence market expanding. You should measure both your hip and waist size if you are choosing a pull up or all in one to ensure maximum absorbency. If you are heavily incontinent, you need to find a bulky product with adjustable leg cuffs for efficient leakage control.


Ensure it will be Comfortable on your Skin

You should consider the material of the product. If you have any sensitivities to certain materials, find a product that is designed for sensitive skin. An uncomfortable product will affect your night’s sleep, and material that rubs or irritates you will keep you awake. There are many hypoallergenic products available that you may want to consider. You can visit our range of products for sensitive skin to find a comfortable option for you.

For more advice on keeping your skin, read our blog on incontinence associated dermatitis.


What are Your Overnight Product Options?


All in Ones                                                

All in ones are incredibly absorbent and are often the number one product chosen by those with heavy incontinence. They can be fastened to the body just like incontinence pants and can be worn in replacement of ordinary underwear. Depending on the design, they often have re-fastenable straps that can be adjusted.


There are two main different styles of All in Ones: All in One Slips and Belted All in One Pads (Flex). All in One Slips have adhesive tapes at the side to hold the pad in position, whereas belted products feature integrated belt fixation. Velcro fixation between the pad and belt enables normal toilet use without full product removal.


All in ones provide the highest level of absorbency, however may feel bulky and more noticeable than other products. If you do have very heavy leaks in the night, all in ones are likely to be the most reliable.


Do you think these would be right for you? Shop our full range of All In Ones Slips and All In Ones Flex.



It is vital to remember the following facts when choosing incontinence products:



Unless you have light to moderate incontinence, small pads are likely to be inadequate. There are some larger pads in the market however that may be suitable for heavier incontinence.


Pads tend to feel very small and discreet, however can sometimes move around in the night. If you do find they move around, it is a good idea to wear them alongside fixation pants.

You can read more about fixation pants here.



Pull Up Pants

Pull up pants are designed to feel like you are wearing normal underwear. They are often designed with stretchy, flexible material to ensure they are comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Many people prefer pull up pants to all in ones, as they are less bulky and can feel just like underwear throughout the night.


You should bear in mind that pull up pants are the hardest product to put on and take off. If you are immobile, you may be better in all in ones, as these are much easier for removal.


You can also buy bed pads and sheets for additional protection. Shop our bed protection section to find your ideal product.


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