Bed Protectors for Incontinence

We provide a large range of bed protectors for incontinence to keep your bedding clean and dry. These products are ideal for family members caring for a patient or loved one, for care homes or for those managing their own incontinence protection.

We provide washable and re-usable items to help you get a good night’s sleep without worrying about bedding. The range features the best-selling allergen cotton washable duvet protector and our washable pillows and duvets. We also offer more convenient disposable products such as our disposable bed pads from just 12p which help make caring more manageable.

All our incontinence products start at low prices and are available for discreet, next working day delivery, as well as featuring a 90-day money back guarantee for your re-assurance.

These products have been tested to ensure they are soft and pleasant on the skin.

For a wider selection of everyday incontinence items, feel free to browse our full product range of adult incontinence products.

You can use our bed protectors for incontinence with our skin care products and barrier creams.

We also offer a range of incontinence chair coversto protect your chairs against any leaks. You can use these on car seats, chairs and other furniture.

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