Always Discreet Boutique Pants Plus - Large - Case Saver - 2 Packs of 8

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  • Always Discreet Boutique Pants Plus Peach offer incredible protection with a fabric-like feel

With Always Discreet Boutique Underwear Incontinence Pants Plus Peach Beige, bladder leaks don’t get in the way of you feeling your best. Discover incredible leak protection that looks like your favourite underwear, thanks to its fabric-like material. A hidden super absorbent core turns liquid into gel and locks away wetness instantly, so you feel fresh and secure no matter what.

With a curve-hugging, feminine design, these pants are made of silky-soft fabric that looks, fits and feels like your usual underwear. Always Discreet Boutique lets you walk with poise and makes bladder leaks no big deal.

Brand Always
Case Quantity 1
Units per Pack 8
EAN 8001090439048
Type of Incontinence urinary/faecal
Incontinence Level moderate/heavy
Absorption 6
Droplets (1 to 8) 6
Suitable for Womens
VAT Exempt Yes
Waist Size 92-125cm
Product Classification pant
Total units 8
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