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Bed & Chair Protection

Large range of bed protection incontinence products designed to protect bedding, mattresses and chairs. Ideal both for professionals and family members caring for a patient or loved one, or for those managing their own condition seeking an additional degree of night-time protection.

All at low prices and available from stock for next working day delivery.

For a wider selection of everyday items, feel free to browse our collection of Incontinence Aids, including a variety of clothing and furniture protection, disposal units, alongside products to facilitate better skincare and personal hygiene whilst managing a condition.

  • Disposable Bed Pads

    Disposable Bed Pads

    Part of our excellent range of Bed and Chair Protection products, the disposable absorbent bed pads available at Allanda can be used either as direct bed, furni...

  • Washable Bed Pads (inc. Kylies)

    Washable Bed Pads (inc. Kylies)

    Re-usable absorbent bed pads, for use either as direct bed or furniture protection or additional protection when other body worn incontinence products are used. Recommended for use with mattress protection.

  • Mattress Covers

    Mattress Covers

    Part of our bed and chair protection range, our selection of mattress covers features a wide range of additional bed protection for mattresses when absorbent products are used, suc...

  • Chair Protection

    Chair Protection

    Highly absorbent protection against incontinence for chairs, car seats and other furniture.

  • Duvet Protection

    Duvet Protection

    A range of products to protect Duvets from incontinence. Recommended for use with absorbent bed pads and full bedding protection.

  • Pillow Protection

    Pillow Protection

    A range of products to protect Pillows from incontinence. Recommended for use with absorbent bed pads and full bedding protection.

  • Value Bedding packs

    Value Bedding packs

    Value prices for bedding packs containing all key washable producs to protect mattress and bedding from incontinence

  • Washable Pillows & Duvets

    Washable Pillows & Duvets

    Long-life, hygienic, washable pillows and duvets with a unique fibre fill and soft quilted cotton cover. Can be washed or tumble dried multiple times without going hard or lumpy or losing their shape or loft thanks to the unique filling. Very high...