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Male & Female Incontinence Products

Unisex Incontinence Products - Best Sellers

TENA Men Discreet Level 1 - Pack of 12
Easy Removal
Leakage Security
For small losses
Convenient Fit
TENA Men Premium Fit Level 4 Pants | Medium | Pack of 10
Absorbent Core
Wide Waistband
Odour Control
Comfortable and Discreet
TENA Silhouette Plus High Waist Cream | Large | Pack of 8
Narrow Waistband
Breathable Materials
Dual Leakage Barriers
Body-Close Fit
Maximum Discretion
Attends Contours Regular Pad 9 | Pack of 28
Odour Control
Low pH
Quick Dry Technology
TENA Proskin Pants Normal - XL - 15 Pack | X-Large | ND-1068 | Tena | Allanda
Built-in Pad
Maximum discretion
Moisture-reducing technology
Odour Control
Breathable Materials
Mattress & Chair Protection | Hygiene  & Skin Care

Mattress & Chair Protection / Hygiene & Skin Care - Best Sellers

Primacare Large Dry Wipes
Non-Woven Fabric
Skin Friendly
CONTIPLAN+® All In One Cleansing Cloths | Pack of 25
Dermatologically Tested
PH Neutral
TENA Bed Plus Wings | 180x80cm | Pack of 20
Bed and Chair Protection
Tuck In Flaps
Leakage Protection
Odour Reduction
TENA Wash Cream (500mL) | Pack of 1
For Delicate Skin
Soap Replacement
Incontinence Product Friendly
Restores and Protects
Powder Free Vinyl Gloves Large | Pack of 100
Latex Free
Soft Feel
Fingertip Sensitivity

This Weeks Top Products

TENA Lady Discreet Normal | Pack of 12
MicroPROTEX technology
Quick and discreet protection
Asymmetrically shaped
Triple protection
Dermatologically tested
TENA Discreet Extra Plus - Pack 8
Self-Adhesive Strip
Leakage Security
Silky Soft Surface
Easy Removal
TENA Silhouette Plus High Waist Cream | Large | Pack of 8
Narrow Waistband
Breathable Materials
Dual Leakage Barriers
Body-Close Fit
Maximum Discretion
TENA Lady Discreet Maxi Pads - 6 Pack
Lie-Down Protection
Odour Control
Silky Soft Surface
Dermatologically Tested
TENA Silhouette Plus High Waist Noir Pants - Large - Black - 8 Pack
Triple Protection
Waist size: 75-105cm
Integrated Leakage Barriers
Micro-stretch fabric
Perfume free
Allanda are a premier supplier of incontinence products throughout the UK.

Allanda realise that for those who struggle with incontinence, finding the right incontinence products to manage it can be life changing. That is where Allanda comes in, we stock a much wider range of incontinence products than most of the major supermarkets and high street chemists.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the lowest priced incontinence products as we can including incontinence pads, incontinence pants, adult diapers and incontinence products with a range of absorbency levels we are able to cater for both male incontinence and female incontinence.

In the UK, bladder problems and incontinence affect around 6 million people. Incontinence is more widespread than perceived. With the right information about incontinence, support and using the right incontinence products you can take active steps to manage your incontinence effectively.