Waterproof Pillow Protectors for Incontinence

Our waterproof pillow protectors are designed to keep your pillow dry and free from leaks. The protectors are designed from 100% cotton and are fully breathable.

We believe that everyone should enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, knowing their pillows are fully protected from urinary incontinence leaks. During the night, it can be common for leaks to occur, but with our waterproof pillow covers you can rest assured your bedding will not be ruined.

Within our range of waterproof pillow covers, we have models available in an Allergon cotton variety. These pillow protectors are extremely soft and made from 100% cotton for gentle comfort. They are also breathable, soak up moisture and have a dust mite barrier for extra convenience.

You can rest assured that these pillow protectors are durable and cost effective. These protectors are fully washable and reusable, meaning you can rely on them long-term to keep your pillows clean and fresh.

This range features products from popular manufacturers such as Brolly Sheets and Eva Dry. Our waterproof pillow protectors have a starting price of only £3.77 and can be washed numerous times, making them durable and reliable.

We recommend using these protectors alongside our washable bed sheets to ensure your bedding is kept in its best condition.

For full protection for your skin, you can shop our hygiene and skin care products. These products can prevent infections such as incontinence associated dermatitis.

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