Incontinence Products - VAT Exemption

Due to government tax allowances for medical related products, most customers are exempt from paying VAT on incontinence products.

Therefore we have included two prices on this website. The lower price excludes VAT, whilst the higher price includes VAT.

If you are purchasing less than the following:
200 Disposable Pads
50 Washable pads
10 pairs of waterproof or leak-proof underwear

then you DO NOT need to pay VAT and should complete the VAT exemption declaration during registration.

In order to gain VAT free shopping at Allanda, you must first register an account. If you haven't already done so, you can do this here.

Once you have registered, when you login (at checkout or earlier) the system will remember you and add or remove VAT as necessary, this means that where VAT Exemption has been applied to a qualifying product the "inc. VAT" price will match the "exc. VAT" prices (e.g. VAT has been applied at 0%).

If you are buying quantities in excess of those shown above you may also claim VAT exemption if these are for the personal or domestic use of an incontinent individual. In this circumstance you may also complete the VAT exemption declaration during registration, however you must also print and send the VAT exemption declaration form in accordance with HMRC rules before ordering. Once we receive this signed form your VAT status will be amended and you will be able to order larger quantities than those above.

If you intend to order by post or by phone you will need to print and send this declaration form with your order or complete the VAT exemption box at the bottom of our standard order form.

A full copy of the rules regarding VAT exemption can be found here.

Please note that VAT Exemption only applies to Incontinence Pads and Pants as only these items are classed as allowable under HMRC rules, other items such as Wipes, Gloves, Skincare, etc do not qualify and VAT has to be charged on these items for all customers. Where VAT has to be charged on an item as it does not qualify for Exemption, this will be flagged on the product page. If your order does contain an item where VAT has been charged, the delivery charge (if there is one) also becomes liable for VAT as well.

* If we suspect any customer to have given inaccurate or misleading information on a VAT Exemption Form, we reserve the right to remove any VAT free shopping functionality from their account(s) immediately and charge VAT at the prevailing rate.