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TENA Incontinence

When dealing with incontinence, using high quality products that can ensure proper protection and hygiene is crucial. As part of our range excellent incontinence products, we also provide the full range of Incontinence Products from TENA, one of the world-leading manufacturers of incontinence products. The TENA range includes everything incontinence sufferers and their carers need to manage their condition effectively, this helping maintain both hygiene and dignity.

This includes the TENA Men and TENA Lady collections of incontinence products, each specifically designed for members of each gender, as well as the TENA skincare range of skincare products created specifically for incontinence sufferers and their carers to help meet the needs of fragile skin.

There are many different types of TENA Incontinence Products, from TENA Incontinence Pants that can be easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe and offer increased security with their built in pads, to TENA Slip incontinence pads that are better suited for heavy incontinence or users who have lower mobility levels.

The TENA Flex range features incontinence products designed for maximum security against leakage, as well as having the added benefit of enabling normal toilet use without having to remove the whole product.

Last, but not least, you should also check out the TENA Bed range that features highly absorbent incontinence bed pads that can be used either for direct protection of your bed or furniture, or as an additional level of protection in combination with other incontinence products being used. To view our full range of TENA incontinence products and choose the ones that best suit your individual needs, just browse them below.

  • TENA Pants

    TENA Pants

    Manufactured by TENA, one of the world leaders in incontinence products, TENA Pants are an ideal product for those who prefer the ease of use and security of a garment with a built in pad thus combining simplicity with the convenience of disposabl...

  • TENA Slip

    TENA Slip

    Part of our TENA incontinence range, Allanda also provide a selection of TENA Slip Incontinence Pads designed for maximum security against leakage for heavier incontinence conditions and/or users with lower levels of mobility. Adhesive tapes at si...

  • TENA Flex

    TENA Flex

    Part of our massive range of TENA incontinence products, the TENA Flex collection features incontinence products designed for maximum security against leakage for heavier ...

  • TENA Comfort

    TENA Comfort

    Part of Allanda’s massive range of TENA incontinence products, the TENA Comfort is a range of TENA incontinence pads for moderate or heavier bladder weakness or inco...

  • TENA Men

    TENA Men

    TENA Men Incontinence Pads designed specifically for light to moderate male incontinence. TENA’s range of Incontinence Pads for Men are of the highest quality, being manufactured by a world-leading supplier of reliable incontinence products. Des...

  • TENA Lady

    TENA Lady

    Manufactured by TENA, leading supplier of women’s incontinence products, the TENA Lady collection contains body shaped designs to fit into the underwear, providing a close fit to the body, and also disposable underwear with a built in pad.

  • TENA Bed

    TENA Bed

    TENA Bed - convenient disposable absorbent bed pads, for use either as direct bed, furniture or wheelchair protection or additional protection when other body worn incontinence products are used.

  • TENA Fix

    TENA Fix

    TENA Fix stretch mesh fixation pants designed specifically for wearing with Shaped Incontinence Pads such as TENA Comfort to hold the Incontinence pad correctly for the optimum fit for leakage security and comfort.

  • TENA Skincare

    TENA Skincare

    TENA range of skincare products to quickly and easily maintain personal hygiene and maintain skin health including wash creams, wash mousse and wipes.