Simavita - Smart Incontinence Management without Guesswork


Is Incontinence Management frustrating?

  • Waking up wet?

  • Changing Incontinence Pads frequently?

  • Toiletting every hour just in case?



Simavita assessPLUSTM creates a personalised individual care plan


During a 72 hour SIM Assessment, actual times of each individual event eg fluid intake, successful/failed toileting, incontinence (both time and fluid lost) are measured and registered. After 3 days a personalised individual care plan is created recommending :

  • Optimal toileting times

  • Incontinence product change times

  • Most appropriate incontinence product to use for each day part



This enables you to improve quality of care whilst saving carer time and product costs, the benefits include:

  • Reducing time spent performing unnecessary toileting and changing of incontinence products

  • Reduce risks of falls

  • Optimimising incontinence product use and capacity - lowering costs

  • Reduce risk of UTI's and skin breakdown associated with continence management

  • Reduce time performing assessments and increase accuracy with evidence based care plan

  • Improves dignity and quality of life for patient (also promotes continence)


assessPLUSTM removes the guesswork from incontienence assessment and gives an accurate result every time.


Traditional incontinence assessments can be burdensome, costly and not always accurate. With assessPLUS you can automate the incontinence assessment process for any person experiencing incontinence.

assessPLUSTM is the first wearable sensor designed as an automated, walk-away solution for caregivers conducting bladder assessments. The wearable sensor is designed to automatically collect incontinence data over an assessment period of up to 72 hours. As data is collected the software analyses the data and automatically recommends the most appropriate time for toileting, incontinence pad type and change times that can be used for incontinence care plans.

assessPLUSTM Key Features:


  • Wi-Fi not required during assessment (optional)

  • Simple to use and easy data entry

  • "Clip and Go" walk-away data collection

  • Automatic software analysis

  • Evidence based care plan outcome



How it works

    1. SIM Pod is clipped onto Sensor Pad and held in place in SIM Pants.
    2. Events (e.g. Food and Fluid Intake) and Observations are recorded in real time on AssessPlus Tablet (optional).
    3. Automated measurement of urine loss (time and volume) with a SIM sensor pad. SIM Pod with Sensor Pad
    4. After up to 72 hours, assessPLUSTM auto generates editable reports after assessment. AssessPlus Report
    5. Reports can be stored to Electronic Health Record.



Here's what assessPLUSTM users say:


  • "SIM contributed to staff being less task orientated in the way of the unnecessary aid changes and unsuccessful toileting and has resulted in more effective toileting schedules being implemented."

  • "SIM is really easy to use, I like the idea that I can record information straight into a tablet at the time of the activity."

  • "We found the system to be user friendly and easy to train staff in the application of Simavita."

  • "Frees staff up to spend more quality time with the residents."

  • "There is no other product like this. SIM takes away the guesswork. What we can learn in three days is monumental"


Typical results from assessPLUSTM  assessment include:

  • 24% reduction in Incontinence product capacity used

  • 19% reduction in Incontinence product costs

  • 15% reduction in unsuccessful toileting trips

  • 37% reduction in pad changes

  • 23% reduction in waste

  • Up to 64% reduction in falls

  • Significant reduction in incidents of UTI's and skin breakdowns

Does your existing Incontinence assessment match this?



See how assessPLUSTM works for yourself