Women's Moderate to Heavy Incontinence Sample Pack of Large

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For Moderate/Heavy incontinence
Selection of products suitable for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.
Samples are all sized Large where different sizes apply.
1 x Tena Comfort Extra - Shaped pad - Absorption Level 7*
(Allanda Code DSS13)
1 x Tena Comfort Super - Shaped pad - Absorption Level 7*
(Allanda Code DSS04)
1 x Tena Fix - Support underwear for use with Tena Comfort
(Allanda Code WSP14-L)
1 x Tena Slip Plus - All-in-One pad - Absorption Level 6*
(Allanda Code DAP04-L)
2 x Tena Pants Super - Pull-Up underwear - Absorption Level 7*
(Allanda Code DPS04-L)
ISO 11948-1 (Max) Absorption : 2000ml - 2450ml
Belted No
Total units 1
Suitable for Womens, Mens
VAT Exempt No
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