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Men's Washable Incontinence Pants And Pads

Allanda provides a wide range of men's washable incontinence pants and pads, designed specifically to help manage male incontinence.

Our range is designed to help men lead a confident life and get the products they need at affordable products. This includes an entire range of men’s washable incontinence products which are designed specifically for male urinary incontinence including pants and pouch pants.

And that’s not all! All our men's washable incontinence pants and pads are available at low prices and in stock for next working day delivery. You can choose from a variety of styles, including men’s Y fronts, boxer shorts, briefs, pouch pants, waterproof pants and stretch mesh support pants. Available in different colours and sizes, each man can easily pick the models he prefers and then incorporate those washable incontinence products into his existing wardrobe.

If you’re looking for extra protection against leakages at day and night time, then we recommend the washable waterproof incontinence pants for men, whilst the stretch mesh support pants which are designed for wearing with shaped incontinence pads can provide the optimum fit for leakage security and comfort, which makes these two types of washable incontinence pants more suitable for heavier incontinence conditions. If you suffer from light to moderate urinary incontinence, you can always opt for your preferred type of men’s incontinence pants.

Browse the full range of washable incontinence pants for men below, or if you’re interested in other types of washable incontinence products, browse the categories on our website.

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