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Rest assured that we are working tirelessly to fulfil your orders and are doing our very best to serve you in these difficult times. Due to the unprecedented demand, delivery times are likely to be longer as couriers are experiencing significant increases across their networks. We have therefore temporarily removed the next day delivery option from our shopping basket and ask that all our customers bear with us as we go through these challenging times. You will receive your order, it will just be a little delayed.

As one of the largest suppliers of incontinence products in the UK we do have adequate stocks. However, we do ask that our valued customers just order to their normal levels to ensure there is enough to fairly go around.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during these unprecedented times.

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Men's Disposable Incontinence Pants And Pads

At Allanda we pride ourselves on helping thousands of men and women across the country manage their incontinence condition daily and regain confidence without having to spend a fortune on incontinence products. Below, you can find a large range of men's disposable incontinence pants and pads, including disposable incontinence pads, incontinence pants and smaller shaped incontinence pads.

Although male incontinence tends to affect mostly older individuals, it can also affect younger men, with the most common type of male incontinence being urinary incontinence. Whatever the type of incontinence you experience you can choose the right products to help you deal with it, so you can lead a confident life. All the men’s disposable incontinence pants and pads available at Allanda are sourced from reliable manufacturers and available at affordable prices, so you can opt for the products that are best for you.

If you’re looking for disposable incontinence products which can be easily introduced into your existing wardrobe and worn as normal garment, but offering an added level of security and comfort, we recommend selecting the Mens Pull-Up Incontinence Pants. An alternative is the Mens Shaped Light Incontinence Pads which are small shaped pads which are worn within the user’s own normal underwear (this needs to be close fitting).

For men who experience heavier conditions but still have a high level of mobility, we recommend the Men’s Belted All In One Incontinence Pads which are specifically designed to offer maximum security against leakages, as well as coming with the added benefit of enabling normal toilet use without having to remove the product fully.

To discover the full range of men’s disposable incontinence products simply browse the categories available below.

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