Lille Healthcare Classic Bed Extra Pads - 60x40cm - Case Saver - 6 Packs of 35

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  • Economy Disposable Absorbent
  • Use with mattress protection double 
  • Secure 
  • Double Bed
  • High absorbency 

Lille classic bed pads features large tuck in flaps to help secure in place on chairs or bedding. The absorbent pad itself measures 60 x 90cm (24" x 36") with the tucks taking the full size to 60 x 40cm (24" x 16"). The tuck in flaps are 24" (60cm) each and attached to the back of the pads and need to be folded out. Designed to offer protection against incontinence for mattresses, chair or other furniture whilst keeping the user dry and comfortable. Manufactured to a high level of quality all of our bed pads contain virgin fluff pulp and have a polyethylene blue backing for extra protection. The pulp has been designed with a diamond shaped wicking to maximise absorbency by spreading the absorption across the pad.

This iD Expert Bed Pad holds 770ml of liquid, is suitable for a double bed and comes in a pack of 30. Saves 10% (1 case price) to 28% (4 case price) over individual packs. We recommend that these products are used in conjunction with body worn incontinence pads or pants and also Mattress Protectors.

More information can be downloaded here - Lille Classic Bed Pads Range Guide.

Lille Economy Disposable Bed Pad Benefits

Lille Economy Disposable Bed Pad Sizes

Bed Size Imperial Metric
Chair 24" x 16" 60cm x 40cm
Chair Case Saver 24" x 16" 60cm x 40cm
Single 24" x 24" 60cm x 60cm
Single Case Saver 24" x 24" 60cm x 60cm
Double 24" x 36" 60cm x 90cm
Double Case Saver 24" x 36" 60cm x 90cm
Double With Tucks 24" x 36" (plus Tucks) 60cm x 90cm (plus Tucks)
Belted No
Absorption 2
Total units 210
Suitable for Womens, Mens
Brand Lille
VAT Exempt Yes
Case Quantity 6
EAN 13543160811122
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