Lille Healthcare Classic Bed Extra Pads - 60x40cm - Case Saver - 6 Packs of 35

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Disposable Absorbent Incontinence Pads.
24inx16in/60x40cm (e.g. Chair, Seat)
CASE SAVER containing 8 packs of Disposable absorbent Incontinence pads for chairs and bedding. Saves 10% (1 case price) to 28% (4 case price) over individual packs.
Absorption level approx. 770ml.
24" x 16"/60 x 40cm (e.g. Chair, Seat)
Designed to offer protection against incontinence for mattresses, chair or other furniture whilst keeping the user dry and comfortable. Available in 24" x 16", 24" x 24"and 24" x 36" sizes.
We recommend that these products are used in conjunction with body worn incontinence pads or pants and also Mattress Protection.
Manufacturer Code - LFBD8111
Absorption Colour Code - Light Blue
ISO 11948-1 (Max) Absorption - 770ml
More information can be downloaded here - Lille Classic Bed Pads Range Guide.

Lille Economy Disposable Bed Pad Benefits

Lille Economy Disposable Bed Pad Sizes

Bed Size Imperial Metric
Chair 24" x 16" 60cm x 40cm
Chair Case Saver 24" x 16" 60cm x 40cm
Single 24" x 24" 60cm x 60cm
Single Case Saver 24" x 24" 60cm x 60cm
Double 24" x 36" 60cm x 90cm
Double Case Saver 24" x 36" 60cm x 90cm
Double With Tucks 24" x 36" (plus Tucks) 60cm x 90cm (plus Tucks)
Belted No
Absorption 2
Total units 210
Suitable for Womens, Mens
Brand Lille
VAT Exempt Yes
Case Quantity 6
EAN 13543160811122
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