Skin Care And Barrier Creams For Incontinence

Looking after your skin with incontinence is more important than many people think. Using the correct skin care products can prevent incontinence associated dermatitis and other infections. Cleansing your skin and using barrier creams is vital for keeping it healthy when it is in contact with moisture.

We have put together a range of skincare and barrier creams for incontinence to help you maintain good skin health.

We stock products from popular brands such as Conti wipes and iD Care to provide you with the most reliable skin protection only. Our selection includes wash creams, wash mousse and incontinence wipes that have all been dermatologically tested and are gentle on the skin. The bed bath wipes in this range provide a fast shampooing method without the requirement of water, saving you time.

You can shop our range of bed protection for protective night-time products to use alongside our skincare range.

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