Incontinence Help & Advice

Incontinence Help & Advice

A large part of living in confidence is understanding about your condition and taking positive steps to manage it. We aim to provide all the information you need to do this in our Help and Advice sections:

Our Incontinence Product Finder guide is there for you if your not sure which is the right product for your needs. Through four simple questions we hope to give you a short list of suitable products to choose from- or you can select from our male incontinence products and female incontinence products.

If you just want more information about continence or bladder weakness, our Condition Information section aims to give you an overview of key information including causes and what different types exist.

Our Managing Your Condition section, aims to give you all the information you need to understand what type of bladder weakness or type of incontinence you experience and tips and information on how to make positive steps to improve it.

We have also added a new section talking specifically about Urinary Incontinence designed to go into greater details about the causes of urinary incontinence.

FAQ's contains lots of other questions you might have about how products work, how best to use them and the benefits of different product types.

If you have a question that you can't find the answer for, then Ask Shona, our nurse specialist for general advice on continence.

We also get lots of enquiries for information from Carer's and so we have put together a special section for Carers to provide information and advise on how to approach the topic with loved one's and how to help manage their condition effectively so that life can continue as normal.

We've also added useful links to other organisations who can provide information specifically on continence or bladder weakness, as well as general health information and specific condition support groups.