A large range of incontinence dry and wet wipes at low prices, including Readi Wipes from Robinson Healthcare, which are widely used throughout the NHS and appropriate for many working environments.

These strong, high-absorbency wipes are ideal for both personal use by those suffering from urinary or faecal incontinence. Being able to clean effectively with minimal preparation and without wetting patients or damaging delicate skin is essential for good hygiene, especially for those with limited mobility

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  1. Conti Essentials Wipe Large | Pack of 100

    Ideal for Every-day Patient Cleansing
    Perfect for Bulk Buying
    Dermatologically Tested
    Contains Polypropylene and Cotton
    Heavyweight Material
    Manufacturers Part Number: CEW110
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    Code: NE-0962
  2. Conti Lite | Pack of 100

    Cost Effective Cleansing Wipes
    Combines Strength and Softness
    High Durability
    Manufacturers Part Number: CLW110
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    Code: NE-0991
  3. Conti Standard | Pack of 100

    Cost Effective Dry Cleansing Wipes
    Continence Care Wipes
    Ideal for Cleaning Soiled Areas
    Manufacturers Part Number: CBW010
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    Code: NE-0992
  4. £2.99
  5. Conti SoSoft | Pack of 100

    SoSoft Dry Wipe
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    Code: NE-0996

  6. Conti UltraSoft | Pack of 30

    Spunlace, Lightweight Dry Wipes
    Ideal for intimate hygiene and stoma care
    Pack of 30
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    Code: NE-0900
  7. Conti Patient Cleansing Wet Wipes | Pack of 50

    Convenient cleansing for hands and face
    50 Wipes per pack
    Soft, strong and dermatologically tested
    New super-soft material and improved formulation
    Keeps skin feeling clean and refreshed
    Alcohol, Lanolin and Paraben free
    Manufacturers Part Number: RSC777
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    Code: NE-0989
  8. Conti Washcloth | Pack of 75

    Wash Cloth
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    Code: NE-0990
  9. Conti CottonSoft | Pack of 100

    Heavy Weight Incontinence Wipes
    Cotton Enriched
    100 Wipes Per Pack
    Manufacturers Part Number: CCW110
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    Code: NE-0986
  10. £2.39
  11. PrimaCare Large Moist Bodywipes | Pack of 100

    Pack of 100 Wet Wipes
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    Code: NE-0546
  12. iD Care Wet wipes | Pack of 63

    Moisturising Wet Wipes
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    Code: ND-0600
  13. £2.99
  14. Spunlace Cleansing Drywipe | Pack of 100

    Spunlace Cleansing Dry Wipes
    Pack of 100
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    Code: NE-3200
  15. Economy Dry Wipes For Adults | 30x43cm | Pack of 1000

    Economy Body Wipes
    Pack of 1000
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    Code: NE-3518
  16. £42.00

  17. £47.76
  18. CASE SAVER Primacare Large Dry Wipe 30x32cm (32 Packs of 100)

    Unperfumed Wipes
    32 Packs of 100
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    Code: CASE-NE-0974

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Allanda Lille Awareness October
tena lady_2gbp october offer