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Childrens Incontinence Pants and Pads

Allanda has a wide range of children's incontinence pants and pads covering all needs, enabling children to maintain confidence at prices you can afford. Our extensive range of child incontinence products includes children’s disposable incontinence pants and pads, as well as washable incontinence pants, so you can easily find the incontinence products your child needs.

The child incontinence product range available at Allanda features incontinence products that were designed specifically for children suffering from different types of incontinence. Sourced only from trusted manufacturers, these products combine security against leakages with comfort, allowing children to easily manage their incontinence condition on a day-to-day basis.

For example, the washable children’s incontinence pants are suitable for urinary incontinence and they’re similar to normal underwear, but feature a built in pad to capture any leaks, making them more secure, but also comfortable to wear at the same time. Furthermore, our extensive range of washable incontinence pants for children also offers various styles so both boys and girls alike can easily incorporate these products into their existing wardrobes.

For more incontinence products designed for adult men and women, simply have a look on our website.

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