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Carin - Smart underwear that gives you back control of your Bladder

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Carin is a unique product designed and developed for women with urine loss who want to regain gain control over their bladder.

Many women experience pelvic floor issues after giving birth as the muscle fibres are weakened. This is nature's way of bringing your baby safely into this world. It has a tremendous impact on your daily life and activities you were used to doing before can be a challenge.

However, Pelvic floor exercises can help you to regain bladder control effectively, but this might sound easier said than done. We know that building and maintaining an exercise regime, especially after pregnancy, is difficult, but, with Carin you can achieve success simply and effectively.

Carin is a 100% natural approach to heal your bladder and regain control by strengthening your pelvic floor with this unique combination:

  • Exercise app - a personal trainer for your pelvic floor.

  • Wearable sensor - shows you how well you are doing and what progress you are making.

  • Carin Protective underwear - absorbing, washable underwear that keeps you dry even after losses, and works with the wearable sensor to measure progress.

With Carin you work on your pelvic floor fitness by following the special 3-month training programme on the Carin Exercise app. The exercises focus on strengthening your whole core strength and stability.

The Carin Measure wearable sensor tracks the quantity of urine droplets lost and tells you what activities cause the trickling. It is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Carin Protect underwear and communicated directly with your app.

While your core and pelvic strength improves, the level of urine loss (trickling) will also change and reduce and the exercise programme for your pelvic floor is easily accessible on your mobile phone and computer.

 By wearing the Carin protective underwear you are both measuring your progress and also protecting against leakage.

The protective underwear is multifunctional and can be worn every day. Carin protective underwear is washable and replaces disposable pads.

If you would like further information on Carin please email us your details by clicking here and we'll contact you shortly.


How does Carin work?


1. Charge

Carin Wearable - Charge

The sensor is rechargeable. You just place the sensor on a special unit and connect to the usb hub of your computer.

The sensor device lights up when charging, and is dimmed/or blinks when fully charged. It is tested, certified and safe to use, so no need to worry!

2. Sync

Carin Wearable - Sync

To get started, set up a Bluetooth smart connection on your mobile phone / or tablet.

This way the sensor sends your personal data privately to the app. In the app you can track your pelvic health and see progress.

3. Snap

Carin Wearable - Snap

Carin is designed to track your pelvic floor health without you noticing you’re wearing it.

So we have created a secret pocket within to snap the sensor on the protective underwear.

NOTE. The underwear is washable but the sensor isn't so always remember to ‘unsnap’ the sensor before washing the underwear.

4. Wear

Carin Wearable - Wear

During the first three days of each cycle wear the sensor snapped on the protective underwear.

One cycle is two weeks and by repeating this in each cycle, it gives you insights about progress.

The protective underwear safeguards you from leakages.

Wear the protective underwear whenever you need it.


5. Exercise

Carin Wearable - Exercise

The Carin Exercise app guides you with core exercises, keeps you motivated and gives feedback on your progress.

This is a 3-month exercise programme for the core and pelvic floor muscles, and focuses on coordination and endurance. Keep a drink log to get more insights about your pelvic floor health.

The app is available for iPhone with iOS 9 or later and (soon) for Android.


If you would like further information on Carin please email us your details by clicking here and we'll contact you shortly.

Now available to order here