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A large range of disposable and washable incontinence products, disposable incontinence pads, incontinence pants and shaped incontinence pads from leading brands such as Tena, Lille, P&S, Ganmill, Robinsons and Sangenic. All at low prices and available in stock for next day delivery.

  • iD


    iD provide a wide range of disposable incontinence products to help you manage incontinence at great value prices.
  • Lille


    Lille provide a wide range of disposable and washable products to help you manage incontinence at great value prices. The Lille range contains Pants, Pads, Slip and Flex products, all made from Latex free, Hypoallergenic materials.
  • Abena


    Abena offer provide a wide range of disposable incontinence pads and incontinence pants to help you manage incontinence at great value prices. The Abena range contains Pants, Pads and Slip and Flex products.
  • Attends


    Attends incontinence products are designed to suit a wide range of individual requirements, and Attends are constantly adapting their leading edge absorbent technologies to benefit users and carers. Within this range of disposable Attends products...
  • P&S Healthcare

    P&S Healthcare

    Reusable underwear designed for high performance and maximum protection from P&S Healthcare, one of the top manufacturers of incontinence products, are now available at Allanda. These products have received numerous awards not only for design ...

  • Kylie Bed Pads

    Kylie Bed Pads

    The Original Kylie re-usable washable absorbent bed pads, for use either as direct bed protection or additional protection when other body worn incontinence products are used (Recommended for use with mattress protection)
  • Tena


    At All About Incontinence we source only high quality incontinence products made by trusted manufacturers and world-leading brands. This includes the full range of Tena incontinence products.

    Our customers can choose from a large selection...

  • Depend


    Depend was first introduced in 1984. Depend has been making absorbent, high quality underwear for both males and females for decades. The brand’s products have been specifically thought for those who experience both faecal and urinary incontinence....
  • Brolly Sheets

    Brolly Sheets

    High quality waterproof bed linen. Brolly Sheets are ultra-comfortable, user-friendly and great value for money. They use the finest natural cotton with a breathable waterproof barrier to create easy care bed linen that can be machine washed and line...
  • Robinson Healthcare

    Robinson Healthcare

    A wide range of Wipes and Incontinence Products from Robinson Healthcare.
  • Conti Wipes

    Conti Wipes

    Conti Wipes and Incontinence Products from Synergy Healthcare / Vernacare
  • Comforts


    Comforts were invented by Cottons, world leaders in feminine hygiene products. The Comforts range is the first and only one with a 100% cotton coversheet.They are the discreet, very comfortable pads with a 100% cotton coversheet and absorbent core...

  • IncoStress


    IncoStress offers a revolutionary alternative to incontinence pads. IncoStress helps the pelvic floor muscles to regain strength, supports the bladder to its natural position, and helps control stress incontinence.

  • Natracare


    Women around the World choose Natracare high quality, organic and natural products with confidence. The comfort of certified organic cotton next to the skin plus totally chlorine-free, plastic free biodegradable materials, mean that Natracare leav...

  • Prevail


    Incontinence Pads and Pants from Prevail including Bariatric and Junior sizes products.
  • Carin - Empowering Women Everyday

    Carin - Empowering Women Everyday

    Carin is a unique product designed and developed for women with urine loss who want to regain gain control over their bladder.

    Many women experience pelvic floor issues after giving birth as the muscle fibres are weakened. This is nature's wa...

  • Allanda


    A range of quality washable Incontinence products from Allanda including Washable Bed Pads, Chair Pads and Bibs.
  • Oasis


    The whole range of Oasis products made by Synergy Healthcare. You will find Shampoo caps and the famous range of wipes Bed Bath Wipes.

  • Clinisan


    Discover our Clinisan Skin Cleansing Foam range, a gentle and moisturising skin cleansing foam. Ideal for skin with conditions, Clinisan offers an excellent alternative to soap and doesn't contain any paraben.