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Harry Potter – Helena Bonham Carter Suffered Incontinence

14.07.2009 | Posted in: Incontinence, Light Adult Incontinence, News | Author: Colin

A while back, Ulrika Jonsson revealed she experienced LAI or light adult incontinence after three of her four pregnancies, now another actress revealed she suffered from incontinence shortly after giving birth to her second child.

Helena Bonham Carter, better known as Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter movies, admitted that she struggled during filming. The 43 year old star said that in every scene she had to scream, she had to put on incontinence pants to prevent leakage.

These were her exact words:

“I was ill-equipped as I’d just had a baby. I wasn’t very fit. You have pelvic floor problems after having a baby and bladder control is minimal. Every time I screamed I wore nappies.”

Helena admits she should have taken more time off after giving birth, but only three months after having the baby she was hauled off to the set to film the latest screen instalment of the JK Rowlings’ novels.

Both cases are perfect examples of incontinence being quite usual and not just an age issue, the most important thing is anyone experiencing any kind of incontinence episodes should seek help and where better to come – Allanda, the site offering incontinence help and advice, F A Q’s and information on incontinence products.

Light Adult Incontinence Research

17.03.2009 | Posted in: Light Adult Incontinence, News, Urinary Incontinence | Author: Colin

There are several reasons why women can experience LAI or light adult incontinence, such as a leaky valve at the bottom of the bladder or a weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles, which can be a result from childbirth. In simple words, LAI occurs when the bladder stops working properly or a women loose control over it.

A research conducted in Ireland indicates that women tend to feel less confident when experiencing LAI, with 11% suffering from depression and one in ten experiencing problem with their sex lives.

However, the biggest concern from doctors and researchers is still the fact that many women are too embarrassed to talk about LAI. One in five women never sought or thought that medical help was available for their condition, while 60% of those women were worried that others will see them as old.

Dr David Lewis, a UK stress specialist and psychologist explained:

“Stress, anxiety and depression are clearly the unwelcome traveling companions for so many women with LAI. As a result their LAI is likely to be exacerbated and their self-image harmed by a health problem many associate with the stigma of aging. The only way to break out of this vicious circle is first by becoming more open and then by actively exploring the many treatments now available.”

With many treatments available and a success rate higher than 70%, women experiencing light adult incontinence should approach their GP or practice nurse to talk about it.

According to the research, half of the women who asked for help had built up the courage to talk about it reducing their feelings of stress and embarrassment.

Ulrika Jonsson Talks Light Adult Incontinence

09.03.2009 | Posted in: Advice, Incontinence, Light Adult Incontinence, News, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Pelvic Floor Muscles, Urinary Incontinence | Author: Samantha Hall

In a revealing article written for the Daily Mail, TV star Ulrika Jonsson reveals a very intimate health secret that embarrassed her for many years, LAI or light adult incontinence.

Mother of four Ulrika admits it that had never heard of such condition until recently, let alone talk about it; she always thought it was something you had to put up with after childbirth.

Ulrika reveals that she suffered light adult incontinence after three of four of her pregnancies and how she overcame the problem after talking to her GP and husband about it.

In Ulrika’s case simple pelvic floor exercises were enough to improve her condition, but each case is different, so she incites women to talk to their GP about LAI or light adult incontinence in order to get the appropriate treatment.

She also takes the opportunity to talk about the Always Envive Sense and Sensitivity Campaign, a campaign aimed to break the taboo around light adult incontinence and to get women talking.

For more info on this campaign visit